Sunday, September 15, 2013

This Geek's Week...

- Been playing a bunch of Skyrim.  From a story standpoint, the whole reason for my Bosmer being is Skyrim was to get revenge on the Dark Brotherhood for an assassination that took place in Valenwood, and the Bosmer gov dispatched a member of the coveted Valenwood Rangers to do so.  He's marked with a green handprint on his face to signify his vow, and to symbolize that the black hand is no match for the green.  All that said, the fight itself was very anticlimactic, as my character snuck in and sniped each target, facing little to no resistance.  Now that that is finished, I guess I continue to work on trying to complete my dragonscale armor.
- Worked on painting my Dreadball team a bit more.  So far, I've got 1/2 the team finished, along with the balls, and the referee.  I should have the whole team finished by the end of next week.

- Played 4 games of Netrunner, winning all 4, with my Criminal and NBN decks.  I played against Noise/HB, then Noise/Weyland.

- Finally got to play the Pathnfinder card game, and I really enjoyed it!  I played the Sorceress, but I ended up dying due to a Goblin that required me to pass a check 8 roll on d6 (i.e. impossible) that caused me to take 8 damage and meant I couldn't use any spells.  That was the very definition of SCREWED, but I still really enjoyed the game nonetheless.

- Played 2 games of 7 Wonders.  I ended in the "middle ground" as far as placing went for both of those.

- Played 2 more games of Netrunner with my NBN/Criminal vs Noise/HB, winning both by a pretty big margin.

- Ordered the Pathfinder Adventure game and character add-on, along with the krosmaster: Arena base game...

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