Sunday, April 16, 2017

What's New With WuhSawBe?

Facehugs for all!

First off, Happy Easter everyone!

ToH Roadside Scenario set up
Let's see, hobby wise, I've assembled the two 15 pt Test of Honour warbands, and have started painting them as well.  I also assembled enough of the Plastcraft Games terrain I bought to set up for the quickstart, "road" scenario.  Basically, 1 building, 1 gate, 4 wall sections, and 4 end pieces.  Initially, I was going to do everything in a scheme that would have matched my clan's color scheme, but then I realized that I didn't want everyone to always be invading MY lands, so I went with a generic wood/brown paint scheme.  As a bit of a joke, I put the kanji for "Ramen Village" (or Noodle town) on the plaque above the gate.  It must be the beat ramen in the province, considering all the battles that are about to be fought in front of the gate/shop!
Congo Matabele vs British Explorers

Game wise, I got to play a game of congo, using my newly painted force, in the "Great Ape" scenario vs Explorers.  The game itself ended in a draw, as the explorers failed to capture the gorilla due to some insane armor saves, followed by a tie in victory points.  I got pretty shot up in that game, that was for sure!

My daughter and I also played a trial game of Test of Honour.  She picked it up pretty easily, and the game was a lot of fun.  The activation mechanic was pretty interesting, and it actually cost me the game, as at one point, I was hoping to not draw my last samurai token (which exhausted my leader) who was already in a rough spot.  Once I could no longer dodge, he was easy pickings for my daughter's samurai, and I lost the game!

Knights vs Normans
I also played a game of SAGA, this time it was my Milites Christi (Teutonic Knights) vs Normans, and it was BAD.  It went really bad, honestly, one of my worst games of SAGA! I want to say the final score was a disastrous 24-10. Shooting is always hard for my knights, and it seems that a lot of the player group really enjoy shooting-heavy forces.  I got stuck in pretty early, wiping out two units and putting fatigue on his entire warband, but I ended up losing in the inevitable attrition that followed, and my Hearthguard always give up more points than they earn.

Knights vs Romans
I decided to try my hand again, in a practice game of the Teutonic Knights vs my Romans, with my daughter playing the Romans.... and guess what, I lost again! 19-16.  This really bummed me out, and for the next day or so, I really considered just shelving my Knights all together as I have NEVER been able to get them to work!  I've since resolved to play the knights every game for the next month, and if I still cannot manage a win, the I definitely WILL be shelving them.  (bringing them out only when running demo games)  Some of it is tactics, some it is the local meta, and some is probably composition.  I'll be trying to work things out with them this month....

Aside form all that tabletop gaming, I did find some time to finish the final mission in Halo wars 2.  Honestly, I didn't realize I had left off at the last mission, otherwise I would have finished up the game a few weeks ago!

Also, I've started watching Baruto: Naruto Next Gen, as well as season 2 of Attack on Titan.

Finally, I've finished up Star Wars: Aftermath a few weeks ago, and have started reading a book on the Baltic Crusades in the hopes that I could one day make a Lithuanian force to face off against my Teutonic Knights.  (just in time for me to never play em again, LOL!)

... and there you have it!

Until next time,


  1. Loads of stuff - nice! Looking forward to seeing these Samurai all painted up.

    Glad the little one is happy to play all sorts of genres. You're training her well mate!

    1. Just gotta keep her clear of the GW stuff! ;)