Friday, April 28, 2017

Finished Test of Honour Terrain

Recently, I took a bit of a break from painting my regular models to finish up my PlastCraft Teerain that I plan to use for Test of Honour.  All in all, I'm really pleased with how they turned out!

I should also note, that these were the early versions of the terrain, the all-white, non "colorEd" or whatever their newer lines are called, hence why I painted them!  I was going for a more generic, village feeling with the overall paint scheme, which means the minis will stand out against the terrain.  They went together really easily, and really well.  With most pieces coming in at the $10-$12 range (walls came packed in pairs), I was able to get all the terrain needed for all the scenarios in battle guard for around $75 or so.  Not too shabby!  So far, all my buildings I currently own for gaming have been from PlastCraft, and seeing as I have been nothing but pleased with their quality and costs, I think it is a trend that will continue!

I decided to also play a round with the terrain, and set up the board in all the various scenarios in the battle guide, give me an idea of a sense of space.  One glaring weakness that I do see, is that the outskirts of the board look extremely bland and barren.  I'm thinking I'll need to come up with some suitable area terrain like forests or whatnot, mostly just fill out some of the dead zones.  Really quickly, here some of the scenarios, all of which are linked by the way:

1 - The Road
#1 - First Clash
Two rival samurai meet on the road, intent on seeking shelter.  A fight ensues when neither side is willing to back down from the other.  This is a quick, intro scenario, played until the opposing smaurai is cut down...

2 - Outpost

#2 - Seize the Outpost
The losing side that lost game 1is attacking the outpost, the other is defending.  3 objective markers are placed in front of each of the buildings.  To control an objective, you must have 1 of your models within 3", and no enemies within 3'.  The defender holds 1/3 of his force in reserve, which can make a test to arrive once the appropriate token is drawn.  Game lasts 5 turns, whomever controls the most objectives at turn 5 wins.

3- Battlefield
#3 - The Battlefield
Things have escalated to a full blown battle between your two clans, and both sides race to the site of previous battle in search of lost family members.  Take 5 objective markers and take turns placing them 6" away from each other and 12" from a board edge, these represent the dead and wounded.  As a special action, a warrior within 3" of a marker may make a test to search.  If successful, you've managed to find a living clan member, and you remove/claim the objective.  Whomever claims 3 markers wins.  The winner makes an extra test at the end, to see if the family member of their samurai hero that they found, lives or dies...  (doesn't say why that's important or not)

4- The Spy

#4 - The Spy
The loser of game #3 is player 1, the winner is player 2.  Player 1, being desperate for any news on his missing relative, contacts one of his spies, hidden in player 2's camp.  Word spreads that one of the geisha in the camp may be the enemy spy.  Place 3 objectives in front of each building, these are the potential spies.  Use the same "search action" as above to figure out which one is the actual spy, once found, remove the other tokens, the the "spy" must be escorted off the board from that player's board edge.

5 - Breakthrough
#5 - Breakthrough
Loser of the last battle is player 1, the winner is player 2.  Escorting the spy has caused player to be slowed down, allowing player 1 to cut off their escape!  Once more, the spy must be escorted off the opposite edge from where they started , and whomever does so, wins.

6 - Rescue
#6 - Rescue
This is a little complicated, as the loser of scenario #3 is player 1, and if they won the #5 breakthrough scenario, the geisha spy has revealed the enemy's location and player 1's missing family member, cutting player 2's total army size down to just 12 pts! (player 1 has 24 points) If player 2 won scenario #5, the geisha spy stabs player 2's samurai hero, and he starts the battle with 1 wound, and player 2 gets to deploy 18 points on the table.  Player 2 places 3 objectives in front of each building, and secretly picks one to be player 1's missing family member.  Player 1's goal is to find the missing family member, and escort him to any table edge.  Player 2 wins, if they manage to kill all of player 1's samurai...

... and there you have it!  I'm thinking I need to make some actual objective markers to use in each of the battles, as opposed to the treasure chest token that came in the box.  A few casualty markers, some geishas, a prisoner model, etc.  As I mentioned before, I'm thinking I want some additional area terrain as well for the outskirts of the board.  With the terrain now out of the way, I can start focusing on painting up the 3 armies that I've already got going!

Until Next Time,
- WuhSawBe -


  1. Those are really nice mate.
    Easy way to fill out the table is get some of those cheap trees from China that have pink foliage to act as cheery blossoms?

    1. And of course what my phone changed right as I hit post was supposed to read CHERRY, not cheery... smh

    2. Yep, I've seen a few people on the Test of Honour facebook page that have done that....