Tuesday, April 4, 2017

What's New With WuhSawBe?

A Full CONGO Column in 3 days!

So little, and yet, so much has happened this last week....
(Going out of my usual order this time)

It started on Tuesday, when I ran a SAGA demo for a friend on Tuesday.  I played 4 pts of Romans, and I let him run 4pt of Milites Christi (Teutonic Knights) as they are a bit easier to grasp.  He had some idea of the rules, so it wasn't a "start from scratch" kind of demo, which was nice, as I need to work out a "class plan" for when I run SAGA demos.  (too much, "oh yeah, there is this rule... and oh yeah, I forgot to explain this rule...")  Since it was a demo, I didn't go full try-hard, and honestly, I could have scaled it back a just bit further, not used so many of my own abilities, etc.  It ended in something like a 13-11, draw.  I had thought he was going to eek out a victory, only needing 1 more point for a win, but he charged my warlord with his, his rolls kind of flubbed and both ended up dying.  (negating the points gain, more or less)  I'm convinced, that my Roman Warlord is one of the most BA guys, as this was his 1st death, and truthfully it was only because I didn't use any abilities, nor transfer the wounds to the warriors next to him.  (Remember, I was going full try-hard)  So, that was fun.  We had a lot of people stopping by, and checking out the game, asking questions etc, which was good.  Our Friday night SAGA group could use some fresh blood imo...

Spartan WuhSawBe

After that, I snuck in a bit of Halo.  I played some Warzone Firefight, Free-for-all, and Swat.  The Firefight matches are always good, I consistently place at or near the top, with the most boss and mob kills usually.  FFA frustrated the heck out of me, as I ended up playing everything from Silver ranked, up to way out of league in high Onyx level.  The frustration really sat in, when after my 10 matches, I ended up just in silver ranked.  Very demoralizing!  I ended up switching to swat, and saw a bunch of success early on, but it soon tapered off into my usual missed shots and bad plays.  What can I say, as much as I LOVE Halo, I just do not have the skills for it...

Romans vs Huns: Round 2
When Friday rolled around, I got in a Romans vs Huns rematch.  I'm still flubbing up the Roman board, making poor dice placements, etc.  The Hun player had changed up his list, and it really seemed to help.  He started out with his usual "hit and run" strategy, and it definitely worked, I lost a unit of warriors right away, with only 2 casualties on his end.  Honestly, the game was looking so one-sided the first few rounds, that if he had just kept up his "hit and run" strategy, he easily could have taken the game.  (Romans are slow)  BUT, he started charging to try and finish off units, which brought him too close to my army.  The Hun bodies started piling up, and in the final round, I took what would have been a loss for me, up to a draw, with a final score of 18-16.  My Roman Warlord continues to display the Might of Rome, as he not only withstood attacks from the Hun Warriors AND Warlord, but went on to slay the Hun Warlord as well!  It's funny, my Teutonic Warlord, Poppo Von Osterna, always dies, and can never kill squat!

Core Box
Also on Friday, I picked up Test of Honour and some expansions.  I was a little annoyed, as the game store was supposed to hold back a copy for me, and give me a call when it arrives, but they didn't.  Between this incident, and the extreme slowness of getting in the A&A saga stuff and Roman Ballista I ordered, I think I'm no longer going to "special order" stuff from them.  IF I had ordered everything myself, I probably would have already had them in my hands!  Anyway, enough sad stuff!  I've popped the box, and have read the rules.  The game itself seems fun, maybe a little on the generic side, but still fun.  (The troops feel a bit generic, no clan special rules, etc.  The Leaders from the expansions do change things up a bit though)  I assembled a test daughter for my Daughter's Phoenix Clan, just to see what the process was like, and it didn't seem too bad.  Some gaps that need filled, but otherwise pretty easy.  I'm looking forward to diving into assembling, probably starting after I post this up!

Also on Friday, I talked with the shop owner, and I may end up getting to play a bit of CONGO this week, but we shall see.  The prospect of a potential game really lit a fire under butt, and I dove right into painting up my Matabele column!  I'm pleased to say I got the whole force, from basically start to finish, 100% painted in the span of 3 days!  Let that sink in...  A full army.  In 3 days.  There were a lot of sleepless nights, but it was all worth it, especially if I get to play!  You can see a small image of them at the top, I'm going to do a full post later on, going unit by unit, once the matte spray dries on the final unit.

... and there you have it!  Some Halo, some Saga, some new toys, and a TON of painting!  It's probably a good thing that the poll is showing so many "Don't Do It!" votes for 40k 8th ed, I've got my plate extremely full as it is!

Until Next Time,


  1. Considering it wasn't so long ago that you were about ready to give up the hobby and now you're posting up games played aplenty and piles of newly painted minis to boot!
    Great stuff mate!

    1. I know, this year has been a complete turnaround from last year! Which is good. It's good to be able to get in some games once more, it also helps that my daughter has aged enough that her and I can start playing together as well. It's nice to go back to playing SAGA regularly. CONGO is new, so I dunno how consistently I get to play it. (Though I did play tonight). Same with Test of Honour, we shall have to see. But yeah, I'm much happier now to be back gaming!