Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What's New With WuhSawBe?

This week's "HOTNESS" for me....

Been a bit busy the last week or so, hobby wise....

NO disintegrations... 
On the modeling front, I picked up Boba Fett and IG-88 for my daughter, and although I asked if she wanted to help me paint them, she decided that I should paint them instead... so I did!  I joked online about how IG-88 was the most difficult model I've ever painted, equally as hard Necrons... in reality, he took me all of 20 minutes at best!  I've also been working rather heavily on my Late Romans for SAGA as well.  My goal is 1 point of troops per week, and so far, I've been hitting that goal!  Thus far, I've finished up the warlord, a unit of bowmen, and a unit of warriors, and I'm currently working on the 2nd unit of bowmen.  I've also come to the conclusion that I really do not like buying an entire army in one swoop, as it really makes me feel like I have to rush the models and get the army completed, as I hate, hate, HATE unpainted models on the tabletop.  I'd rather have a small, painted force, that I slowly add onto, a single unit or two at a time.  Something to keep in mind for next time....

Took me all of 20 minutes....
Gaming wise, I played a game of Imperial Assault vs my daughter.  This time, she brought the AT-ST and I could barely even put a scratch in it!  I ended up wining that game, but only by the scenario, there was no way I could have fought that walker and survived!  I also played a kind of 2v2 Trial/Demo game of SAGA, which saw my Romans face off against the Saxons.  It looked grim, but the Romans eeked out a 3 point victory.  More importantly, it seemed like the new players had fun, and I believe they also went back and picked up an army.  (New players are always a great thing!)  I also got a bit of valuable experience playing as the Romans, and I really enjoyed their board as whole.


Pillaging the camp!
I also decided to pick up the CONGO rulebook, but Studio Tomahawk, the same group that created SAGA, and got to play a demo game ran by Phil, the owner of Tabletop Game & Hobby in Overland Park, KS, which has been my local haunt since the hobby store next door to me went down the crapper!  (Yep, I live next door to a hobby store, but it is so bad there that I drive the 20-30 minutes it takes to get to Tabletop!)  Anyway, Phil set up a game with me vs another new player, using his beautiful miniatures and terrain, and it was a blast!  The card-driven activation mechanic was very interesting, as I fumbled around with some poorly chosen cards/activation orders in the first 2 turns, before finally coming to terms with it.  In the scenario, my opponent had a mask relic from a long lost tribe or some sort, and he would receive a TON of victory points if he retreated off the board with it, while I played the Zanzibari Slavers, and would receive a bunch of VP's if I snatched it from him.  (There was also the option to pillage his camp)  I set up a formidable defense, and my opponent basically ran into a wall of musket-fire!  The first unit I killed (around turn 3 iirc) had the mask, and my trained soldiers snatched it up and bolted.  (as anyone would being chased down by a bunch of natives!)  Meanwhile, my other units attempted to hold off the soldiers' escape, while a small handful of guys began looting the now evacuated campsite!  By turn 5, I had ended up wiping out a majority of my opponent's force, and was thoroughly ransacking every tent!  Again, a GREAT game, and I will definitely be picking up a few forces of my own!  (Explorers, a Pygmy tribe, and maybe a "Planet of the Apes" style tribe/force too)

That said, all this hobby progress and tabletop gaming has left me with little time to do much else...

Until Next time,

PS - PLEASE vote on my poll!  Right now, it is looking like I will NOT be playing 40k in 8th ed unless you all help me choose a force!  (Historicals do keep me plenty busy anyway!)


  1. Say no to 40K. It's a boring money sink. Saga is far more fun (Though i've yet to play the latest Arthurian rules.).

    Your bounty hunters look great mate. IG88 looks smashing for being such a swift paint job.

    1. So far, the "no 40k" option is in the lead. Honestly, surprised there haven't been more voters and/or 40k fanboys coming out the woodwork.

      As always, thanks for the kind words! Good to hear from ya once again! They were a nice, quick break from all the Romans I've been working on!

      As far as the new A&A book for Saga goes, I'm really enjoying it! They've added Ballistas for the Romans, and the Picts get a chariot... both of which are a nice way to introduce some new toys and advance the ruleset just a bit. I've only played my Romans once, but I've faced the Saxons a few times now. I'm loving the Roman board, as they are a nice change from my Teutonic Knights, and the Saxons have some interesting abilities as well....