Monday, March 27, 2017

What's New With WuhSawBe?

My Roman Warlord ain't to be messed with!

Hobby wise, since finishing up my intial 6 pts of Romans for SAGA, I've dove straight into CONGO.  I started out painting up a Guide and some Adventurers for my Expedition team.  I've settled on doing a British South African Company vs Matabele Tribe theme for my CONGO stuff.  I've been watching stuff online like the Rhodes minis series and the Shangani Patrol movie from the 70's, to get some inspiration.  After busting through my initial 4 models in about a day or so, I went out to the LGS and picked up a handful of BSAC Blister packs from Northstar, and a Zulu box from Warlords.  The nice about it all is that out of the one Zulu box, I managed to come up with a column (i.e. army) just a few points short of a full 100 pt column.  (Just need a blister of 2 more guys)  So yeah, $30 is all it took for me to get an ENTIRE army in CONGO, cant' beat that price!  I've since assembled the force, which took me longer than expected!  Hopefully painting them will go quicker.  I've also started assembling the BSAC as well.  They were more expensive, at about $9 a unit, and so far, I've got a small, 50 pt column for them.  My plan is to focus on the Matabele first, getting a fully painted army onto the table, and then switch over to completing the Brits.

Stoked for L5R's Return!
In addition to CONGO, I've also ordered Warlord Games' latest offering: Test of Honour, the Samurai skirmish game.  In case you don't know, I'm a HUGE fan of the old Legend of the Five Rings CCG (soon to become an LCG from FFG) and as such, I'll be taking this opportunity to bring Rokugan to the tabletop!  (Reminds me of the Old Clan Wars tabletop game days)  I'm a diehard Scorpion Clan fan, seeing as I have the clan mon tattooed on my back and all, so of course I'll be painting up my initial force to be from the Bayushi, and there is a perfect expansion coming out which feature "masked men" which I'll definitely be grabbing.  My daughter will probably play with me as well, of course, and after showing her some of the L5R artwork, she seems to like the Phoenix Clan.  (She has a thing for orange)  In addition to the Scorpion clan, I'm also planning on picking up the Ronin expansion to run as the Hida from the Crab Clan.  All of this stuff, so I've been told, should be arriving shortly!

Romans vs Huns

Play wise, not much has happened, aside from a game of SAGA.  This time around I brought my newly finished Romans fro a spin, vs Huns, a faction I had yet to see.  Luke was the Hun player, and I always like playing against him, as he always brings a painted army to the table!  (I've turned into a paint snob, "grey armies" are a major pet peeve of mine.... looking at you 40k and WM players!)  I ended up with another win, 16-12, but it was not without its struggles.  The Roman board can be a bit challenging to manage the Impetus mechanic, and at one point, I completely botched an entire turn because of it!  I literally said "I'll move this unit here..... and that's it, your turn."  I honestly thought that turn had cost me the game!  Still, I learned a valuable lesson to say the least.  I'm still planning on doing a write up on the Romans when I get a chance, I just want to get in a few more games first.

On the video game front, the Halo World Championship was this weekend, and I caught a majority of it.  I was rooting for Team Liquid and Team EnVyUS, with Liquid coming in 3rd, and NV coming in 2nd.  It was very entertaining to watch, and really got my Halo juices pumping!  I was hyped enough from the HaloWC that I actually played a few rounds of Halo, as well as Halo Wars 2.  I hadn't played Halo in 71 days, going by the last clip I had recorded.  My aim sucked, but it always does, and 2 months of rust didn't improve anything.  I still managed to come out of the gate and do alright in my 1st FFA match, with a few cheeky plays, same with Warzone Firefight, I was leading the pack in both mob kills and boss kills until the last rounds in which I died just prior to downing the bosses, and so I got no credit, despite doing a majority of the damage.  Oh well!  I also played a few rounds of Halo Wars 2.  I like the gameplay of HW2, the cinematics, story, etc, but the campaign missions feel like they take a bit too long for me at the 20-30 min mark.  It's hard for me to play more than 1 or 2 missions at a time.

So, there you have it!  I find it funny that I was just saying last time how I don't like buying an entire army in one go, as I did with my romans, and so what did I do next.... I bought TWO full armies in one go!  Lesson well learned there!  I also broke another one of my rules of no new minis/game purchases until I've cleared off my painting desk by starting up not only a ton of stuff for CONGO, but by also buying Test of Honour right on top of it. (Can I please drop the "U" in the title, its just odd to my American eyes)  Hopefully I don't get too overwhelmed!  As far as my poll goes, it looks like I'll be PASSING on 40k 8th ed, as 80% of the votes thus far say: "NO - Don't Do It!", and who am I to go against the masses?!?  Still a little while longer to vote, all it takes is 1 click!

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  1. I too have an extreme dislike for playing with or against unpainted armies. Just ruins the whole experience for me in general. Just wanted to let you know you’re not alone. :)

    Sounds like loads going on for you mate, good stuff. Good luck with the Japanese thing – looks like a really cool game and I look forward to seeing you paint the factions up.

    1. As always, Dai, thanks for the continued support! =)