Monday, March 20, 2017

What's New With WuhSawBe?

I'm much too busy....

This last week or so saw my daughter and I playing a bunch of games, in addition to some hobby progress...

CONGO: So it begins...

On the modeling side, I managed to finish up a unit of Bowmen and a unit of Spearmen for my Late Roman Warband for SAGA.  I'm now down to a unit of of Levy and a small unit of Hearthguard to finish up my Romans.  I firmly expect I'll have them completed this week.  In light of this, I've started taking a closer look into Congo, and I believe I'm going to start a British South African Company Expedition Team.  (what a mouth full!)  I picked up a blister of Explorers from Northstar's Africa line, which will be my European Adventurers unit.  The crazy guy with no pants, who has been in the jungle far too long, will be my "Guide" character.  **I was reading on the figure itself, I guess he is a big game hunter, who prefers to hunt in just a shirt/shoes, and has become friends with the local tribes... so I feel that the term of "guide" fits in this case!

I paint Romans, while she paints Tanks.

This was 100% her idea!
I also took my daughter to the game store, because she wanted to look at some models, and SHE really wanted to pick up the El Alamein set, as she has been begging me to play Flames of War.  That's right, my 7 yr old daughter WANTS to play a 15mm WWII game... if that is not a "parenting win", then I don't know what is!  Know any other 7 year olds that can recognize a German tank from a British one?  Or tell Panzer IV from a Tiger?  I assembled the tanks for her, which were just lovely to build by the way, and she is currently painting them up.  She's claimed all the tanks for herself too, although wouldn't have mind taking the Brits, but it's ok, I've already got a fully painted Panzer Company, some US, and a few Italians painted up.  I'll be sure to pick up the new army book too, once they come out in a few days.

As I mentioned before, my daughter and I have been playing several games this last week.  We started off playing some Imperial Assault, my usual Rebel squad vs Bounty Hunters this time around.  It didn't go too well for her, and I think she didn't have enough guys on the board.  She choked herself in a hallway, and Biv (the heavy gunner) was able to do some serious damage, taking down IG-88 and damaging Boba before going down... by then, it was too late for her!

After that, we played a game if TANKS, her Panther and 2x TigerI's vs my M10, a Sherman 76, and 3x Sherman M4's.  She was doing alright in the game, until she "parked the bus" and let me score some crucial hits.  Sure, she got to reroll attacks by not moving, but I don't think the trade off in defense is worth it.  I told her as much afterwards, so we'll see what happens next time.  Despite that, she did manage to take out 2 of my tanks, and severely damage an M4 by the end.

Blood flowed, but it was all Khorne's
We also played a game of AoS, her Stormcasts, vs my Khorne, in a 1k "Gifts from the Heavens" match.  This time, she pulled out a victory!  I had my skullreapers on the right flank, that performed so well in previous games, flub a charge, followed by losing out to her Retributors.  I even backed em with my Khorgoraths, but she responded by charging in her Liberators as well, and then they were pretty much done.  On my left flank, I charged in a unit of Bloodwarriors, thinking they could take down her General as they did last time, but even that didn't work.  She brought around her Knight-Venator, who sniped my general, followed by bringing around her Lord-Celestant to take my other Bloodsecrator, while her Prosecutors contested my objective.  I callled it over by turn 3, with the score being 5-2 in her favor.  With her objective secured, and mine contested, I could have seen the final score being something like 13-2 if we had kept going to turn 5.  (it was a long game as it was)  Still, it was a fun match, and I was glad that she stomped me as hard as she did!

We also squeezed in a game of Kittens in a Blender and 2x games of Legendary Encounters: Predator.

SKC vs San Jose
Given how busy I've been with gaming stuff, once again I didn't even touch my xbox!  My wife and I have gotten all caught up on Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl, and have also started watching Iron Fist on netflix.  Iron Fist is slower paced than a lot of the other Marvel/Netflix shows, but I'm liking it thus far.  Oh, and I forgot to mention last time, that Soccer Season has begun here in the US, so a lot of my weekends will be booked up with those games!  I love our view, btw!  In addition to being a diehard Sporting Kansas City, I'm also a Chelsea and AS Roma fan, I just have a more difficult time following those games outside of final scores as I clearly don't have the time to warrant paying for cable television and premium channels, and my usual method for streaming games is very dodgy on the best of days.

... and there you have it!  A busy, but fun, past few weeks!



  1. My regular dodgy footie streaming is also a pile of shite. And due to being on the West Coast, following my teams (AC Milan and Aberdeen FC) and watching their games (8-9 hours ahead of my time zone.) is a pain. -__-

    Good to see you getting so much gaming in! Your little one seems to have a good knack for this stuff - you've been a good influence obviously!

    Congo looks fun - do you have terrain for African adventures?

    1. She's definitely a little gamer girl! I also don't mind helping her or giving advice during a game, but I do let her make all her own choices, and I don't hold back... meaning, when she wins, SHE WINS! (The AoS game is a perfect example)

      As far as the Congo stuff goes, I don't have a lot of terrain just yet. I have a ton of the 2d woods stuff from Flames of War that could work in a pinch, but I'm definitely going to need to buy/build some proper congo terrain. It is definitely on my "to do list"...