Monday, February 27, 2017

New Poll: Should I return to 40k with the next edition?

Posted up a quick poll at the top of my blog, with a simple question:  IF I were to pick up 40k with the next edition (8th edition), what force should I collect?  (plus I left an option for the 40k haters out there!)  The poll will run until the start of June, 2017...  SO PLEASE VOTE!

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40k was my introduction into miniatures games (not counting my home-brew D&D battle rules), almost 20 years ago, so it holds a special place in my heart.  (You never forget your first, right?)  Over the years, I've had countless armies, read way to many novels and army books... heck, I even have an Eldar symbol tattooed on my forearm.  BUT, I ended up selling everything by the time 5th ed rolled around.  (some 13 armies total)  I tried a game or two in 6th ed, but just wasn't feeling it, as I was deep into warmachine.  Well, a bunch of my old friends that I rarely see still seem to enjoy the game, and after randomly bumping into one, and talking a bit about 40k, it got me thinking about it a bit more.  Afterall, I'm enjoying Age of Sigmar, and I do like some of the improvements GW has made to their identity overall and their interactions with fans... not to mention the quality of their miniatures well.   (still wish they were a bit cheaper though)  Anyway, I've had my pulse on GW for awhile now, and he really got me considering 40k in 8th ed, and dare I say it:  I would LOVE to see an "Age of Emperor" or at least a more streamlined ruleset!  (yes, yes, I doubt they'd give 40k the AoS treament, but still...)  One of my problems has always been committing to a single faction, if the fact that I 13 different armies didn't give that away, which makes starting back up and choosing a starting army rather difficult.  Anyway, enough chatter, let me quickly go over some of my choices...

Eldar (Alaitoc)
So, remember how I said I had an Eldar tattoo?  I've always loved the Rangers/Pathfinders, enough so that I got the Eldar Rune for them forever etched into my flesh.  (Or literally translated: "Those that wander the stars, lost in shadow")  So naturally, I gravitated towards the Alaitoc back in 3rd edition or something like that.  So, while I love the eldar, I'm not a big fan of finecast (AT ALL) which could cause some issues until new aspect warriors/ranger kits are released.  (If ever)  Bonus points for being my favorite color as well, blue...

Ultramarines (10th Co)
I've always wanted to do a proper 10th (Scout) company, as scouts really have always been one of my favorite units in the Space Marine ranges.  I'm sure some people think I'm crazy, but I don't mind collecting more of a concept/theme army and fighting an uphill battle the entire time!  Honestly, I've always wanted to collect an ENTIRE chapter, but lets not get too hasty.  So, why the ultra-smurfs?  Well, if you know me at all, you'd know just how obsessed with all things Roman that I am.  oh, and favorite color? ... Check!  They also have lots of interesting characters, and a library of novels to choose from.  (I have 2 of their Omnibus books already)  Plus, since they've always kind of been the "poster boys" for the Space Marines, they are always shown love with new books and kits!

World Eaters
Khorne has always been my chaos god of choice, and there would be a lot of conversion and crossover potential from some of the AoS Khorne stuff.  (Daemons too!)  There's just something about them that has always called to me.  In the past, there were fewer things in 40k more fun than tearing your enemy apart in close combat!  There are some spartacus-style ties to the army, which also appeals  to me, not to mention that I enjoy painting red and covering everything in GORE!

30k World Eaters
See above, just with white and blue....

=][=  Inquisition  =][=
In the past, I've had a Sisters of Battle army, a Grey Knights army, a few Deathwatch that I mixed into other marine armies, and even a heretical Inquisition army.  There was just always something about the concept of the Inquisitors that I've enjoyed... I think it's always been the power that they wield, the ability to boss around Space Marines, and destroy whole worlds... all while teetering on the brink of what is acceptable and what is not.  In the past, I've always created some really cool, unique characters and conversions, and I'd look forward to doing so again!  Just as before, I don't think I'd stick to a single force... just like before I'd run an army for each Ordos, or maybe even find a way to mix them in with some Ultramarines to get the best of both worlds, or even some guard.  Lots of collecting potential with them...

... OR, I could always say forget about it and continue to focus on other stuff.  Lord knows there are a million-and-a-half other games out there to play/collect! 

So, there you have it!  What do guys think I should do?  I can't decide, so I'm throwing it out to all the masses choose what I should do!  PLEASE VOTE! ;)


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