Sunday, February 26, 2017

What's New With WuhSawBe?

"I'll just add afew happy lil' spase mareens over here..."

It's been a few weeks, so here's a bit of an update:

... and these are not even all of them!
On the Hobby/Modeling front, I picked up some Rebel Commandos for Imperial Assault, and quickly painted them up.  I've also gotten back into playing SAGA, as you'll see below, and with the release of the A&A book, I dove headfirst into the Late Romans!  I picked up a Gripping Beast box of plastic late romans, and some dark age warriors to run as romano-british levies.  (my Romans are going to be one of the last legions to pull out of Britain)  I've had to order a ballista for my force, and I've also got to get my hands on some Renedra bases for my 2nd levy unit.  But yeah, I've been assembling things like crazy all last week, and have begun painting. (All while watching various shows featuring Romans to keep me inspired)  I've finished up the Warlord already, but I'm waiting for more of the army to be completed before showing him off.  This is a pretty big undertaking, compared to some of my recent projects, and I suspect I'll be working on these guys for a couple of weeks...

The Knights hold out against the Saxons!
So, as I said, I've gotten back into SAGA as of late, and have played 3 games using my Teutonic Knights.  The first was against the Strathclyde, and while my opponent said he was worried for a bit when my Hearthguard charged into his ranks, he was able to easily attrition me down, for what felt like an easy victory for him.  (shooting and attrition seem to be my bane!)  My next two games were both against the Saxons from the new A&A book, and both were victories for me.  In the first game, I sat at the back of the board for the first few turns and prayed to raise my piety score AND burn down the turn clock.  This idea came to me from the strathclyde match, since I cause massive casualties in the early game, but fall short in the late game, I'm less liking to lose through attrition if there is no late game! (LOL)  Still, it was a close match, and I eeked out a victory 3 VPs.  The second match was a scenario, which saw us fighting over table quarters, while being to return 1 unit to any board edge once per turn.  It was rather chaotic, but a 9-7 victory for my knights over the saxons.

Sadly, there has been a series of cancellations on the Pathfinder RPG, so I haven't gotten to play in a month.  This kind of stuff is pretty typical though, when it comes to adult gamers with families and other responsibilities.  Seeing as our GM is a Catholic Priest, and with Lent starting in a few days, it looks like it will another month or so before the group could even get back together to play...

Soundly beaten by a 6 yr old....
Of course, I've also been playing a bunch of games with my daughter as well.  Let's see, her and I played 2 games of the AVP boardgame, this time using the strategy cards as well.  (seeing as she can sort of read now)  The first one really wasn't that much fun or fair, as she had a straight-shot to her objective for an very uneventful match.  The 2nd game we houseruled on how objectives were chosen (basically allowing your opponent to choose) which made things a lot more challenging.  I ended up on the back foot, trying to fend her Aliens off of her objective with my Marines, and while I thought I was going to get lucky and stem the tide, she broke through with a lucky roll and won that game fair and square!  She also randomly decided she wanted to build a new Pokemon TCG deck, and afterwards her and I played 2 games of that.  I also let her paint up two of my extra Wings of Glory airplanes, and we played a game of that as well.  She soundly whooped me, as one wrong turn on my part saw her pepper me with bullets!

Enjoying HW2....
Video Game wise, I played in the For Honor beta, and while I played a bunch of it with some success, it also frustrated the heck out of me... enough so that decided NOT to purchase it like I initially thought I would.  I also played through Batman: Arkham Knight, and really enjoyed the trilogy as whole!  I'd highly recommend playing through all 3 of them if you are a Batman fan!  I've also been playing a bit of Halo wars 2, but seeing as I've been pretty busy both with work and my Late Roman project, I haven't had as much time as I'd like to play.  Oh, and a bit of Minecraft with my daughter, but that's really HER THING, not so much mine.  (Though I'm always more than happy to play with her!)

And, there you have it!  I'll be sure to post up some pictures of my Romans once more work on them gets done.  It feels nice to be able to get in some games outside of the house after a over a year long hiatus, and I'm definitely planning to continue that trend.  As always, thanks for stopping by!


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