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Monday, October 26, 2015

This Geek's Week...

Poor Khorgorath, they really wanted him GONE!

- I finished up the rest of the KDM monsters: the hand, the king's man, and the Phoenix.

- Finished up the Living Statues and my Goblin Wizard/apprentice for Frostgrave.

- I split an Age of Sigmar box with a buddy, and I took the Khorne stuff.  I only paid $37 for all those minis, so it was a pretty good deal imo.  So, I've been assembling those, and have started a bit of painting...

- Worked a wee bit on my Semoventes for FoW...

Tabletop Games:
- Rolled up to the game store, and sat down to play a game of KDM, only to find I left the minis in my other case at home!  Epic fail!

- Played a game of Age of Sigmar, Khorne vs Bretonnians.  It was fun, and a clear victory for the Bretonnians...

Video Games:
- On the app side, I've beenplaying a bit of the Warhammer Quest, Drop Assault, and Space Wolf on my iPhone...

- Player a few rounds of War Thunder.  I had a bad game in the BF-109's, a good game playing Italian Air, and a so-so game with German Tanks...
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