Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hobby Progress! Core Box KDM monsters are done!

Recently, I made a bit of hobby progress on the Kingdom Death Monster front, and managed to finish up the rest of monsters from the core box.  As with the previous KDM models, they all painted up rather quickly, a perfect example was being up to finish up the Phoenix over just two night's work!  Anyway, on with the miniatures!

First up, is the Watcher.  He was a bit of a paint to assemble in some spots for sure!  I also did not see any detailed concept art to base him off of, so I kind of just "winged it" with more earthy tones of browns and grays.  I went that route based on couple of things, namely the "vines" popping out everywhere gave me an "earthy" feeling, as well as the fact it seemed he was clad in rags of various cloth.  I also went a bit more "painterly" with him as well.  All in all, I'm pleased with how he turned out...

Next up, is "The Hand". I basically copied his outlandish colors from the concept art I had seen. I also made the "brain" on the model look gory to fit in with the overall theme of the of rest of the monsters. Story wise, I know nothing about him, as I didn't want to spoil anything for myself in game...

Next is the "King's Man", another monster I know nothing about! Honestly, he's the "cleanest" and least scariest of the monsters, so I'm wondering what his story is, if he's one of those "how do you react to meeting him" parts in the game's story. Friend, or foe? As with the Hand, I copied his scheme from concept art...

Finally, the Phoenix... and he is HUGE! Yeah, I don't know how I'm gonna transport him, as I do not have any battlefoam in his size. (I guess I could buy some, just seems a waste of 6 inches in my case for 1 model) For him, I deviated from what little art I had seen of him. I wanted him more of an orangish-brown than a straight up orange, but I did go a bit heavy in the orange on some feather spots, especially at the ends. I also decided to go with a more dead looking, grey color to the skin, and I'm really happy with how the gray parts turned out, especially the beak. Finally, one of the nasty parts of the model (it is KDM after all) was that they actually sculpted a butthole, complete with hands clawing out, and I figured what better way to highlight the nastiness, than with some bird poo!

... and THAT, finished up all the monsters from the core box. Ive still got TONS of survivors left on sprues to finish up, but I think I'm going to be doing those just as a go along. My plan is to use rare earth magnets to make the parts are interchangeable. It will be a lot of work, which is why I'm in no rush....

Maybe I should try and do a "group shot" of all the core set monsters, what do ya think?

Until next time,


  1. Group shot is definitely required.

    Love the colour choices on these. muted greys and browns on the Watcher and Phoenix make them all the more real, which is is far more disturbing. Bravo.

    1. Thanks! I'll definitely see what I can do as far as a group shot goes...