Sunday, January 18, 2015

This Geek's Week...

Sword Art Online... I'm liking it thus far!

- Worked more on my terrain, finishing up the ruined buildings, a 15mm V-1 Rocket, and two of the little Italian-style columns

- Had some store credit at one the LGS', and seeing as there was very little in the store I actually WANTED, I picked up an Angels 20 starter, mainly for the bf 109's for FoW, and the maps to use for Wings of Glory.

Card/Board games:
- Played a several rounds of Pokemon with my daughter.

- Did a few deck test games of DBZ.

- I've actually been selling some of my games, and have parted with my 40k conquest stuff, my LoTR stuff, and my MYTH game. I'm looking to start trading/selling/swapping several more in the future.

Video Games:
- Been watching a lot of Sword Art Online lately, which had me wanting to play GW2 again.  I tinkered around with some humans of various classes, then deleted them and went back to my Charr characters...

- Re-downloaded World of Tanks: Blitz on my phone, and played a few rounds...

This is officially post #200!

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