Sunday, January 4, 2015

1st "This Geek's Week" of 2015...

we got the shoes at least...

- I finally got around to getting a suitable gaming table in my "Nerd Lair" (I.e. My Man Cave), now I'm just in dire need of terrain.  I painted up an old AT-43 storage container I had laying about.  I also experimented with building a ruined farm house from scratch, but I don't think I like it.  I'm also unsure about the foam hills I created as well.  /sigh... I'm just terrible at crafting terrain!

- Ordered the Bolt Action Rulebook and the US & Germany army books. I also ordered some Tamiya terrain as I need to fill up a WWII Italy themed gaming table quickly, and cheaply, and the scratch built stuff doesn't seem to be working...

Card/Board games:
- I picked up Boss Monster at a small game store while I was out of town, and played a few games of it.

- Played a round of Pokemon with my daughter.

- Worked on reconstructing/tweaking my DBZ decks, I feel like my "main decks" are done for now, though I'm still on the fence about a couple of the "side decks" to be honest...

Video games:
- I picked up a copy of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z for the PS3.  I was going to wait till February for DBZ Xenoverse, but I decided a used older one would be cheaper and just as entertaining.

Other Geekery:
-  I ordered a lot of miscellaneous geeky stuff on amazon, like: a DBZ phone case, a new DBZ bag to carry my DBZ cards in to events,  season 2 of DBZ: Kai, The last season of Spartacus, and all 4 of the ALIENS movies on DVD, as I never got around to replacing the VHS versions I used to own...

Here's to hoping 2015 will be a good year for this geek!
- WuhSawBe-

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