Monday, December 8, 2014

This Geek's Week...

- Worked a bit on my traitor Dark Angels squad for 40k.

Card/Board Games:
- Made a few Dragon Ball tokens to use in the DBZ TCG.  I've also designed a custom playmat that I'm thinking of having printed up.

Spartacus and Gannicus finish off Theokoles...
- Conducted an online trade to get the SDCC promo Krillin, Krillin 1-4 MP, and the Black Mastery from the starters to try and complete my collection.

- Dismantled/Built new DBZ decks for the 100th time!  This time I decided to try Namekian Gohan, Black Krillin, a Blue Piccolo, and a Red Piccolo designed to be anti-Ginyu.  (That's the hope at least)

- Played a game of Spartacus.  It was pretty damn cool!  It went pretty long, but there was a lot of trading, plotting, and backstabbing going on.  It ended in a primus that saw Spartacus teamed up with Gannicus (me) vs Theokoles and one other dude.  We ended up winning the primus, with the Spartacus playing winning overall.

- Tested out the Namekian Gohan deck, but I didn't really like it.  I'm gonna swap it back to piccolo.  I also tested out the red piccolo, it was interesting because I totally boned Ginyu out of his allies, but without any blocks, I couldn't get past the rest of his deck, I'm going to fix it as well...

Video games:
- Played a few rounds of the Pokemon TCG online...

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