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Sunday, December 14, 2014

This Geek's Week...

- Worked a wee bit on my 40k stuff, including attempting to sculpt the flames on the spear of my Spiritseer.  I'm really dragging my feet with this army, and minis in general, just because I have so little time to game, and have a hard time actually finding people wanting to play when I do find the time...

Card/Board Games:
- Built several new DBZ decks.  Went back to Namekian Piccolo, built a Black Krillin, a Red Krillin, and a Blue Goku.  I then started to test...

- Played some of the Pokemon TCG with my daughter.  She got some new cards for her Water/Electric deck, then proceeded to kick my butt with them.  She also wanted to play 2v1 and I hashed out some special rules, I ended up winning that one.

- Still working on my custom DBZ playmat.

- Made it up to the shop, and got in a game of the ALIENS deck builder, 2/3 of our team died, but the last guy easily pulled out a win.  I then played a game of the DC Deckbuilder as the Swamp Thing, but came in a distant 2nd with 49 pts.  The winner played Shazam with 98 pts...

Video Games:
- Played a few rounds of War Thunder, low tier Japanese Air.

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