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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

This Geek's Week...

Since starting the Dragonball Z card game, my hobby time has been 
almost exclusively all about DBZ, this week is no different...

- Worked a wee bit on my Dark Angels...

Card/Board Games:
- Played a few games of the Pokemon card game with my daughter.  I actually won 1or 2 using my Slapped-together Noivern deck.

- Reworked my DBZ decks.  I converted my Piccolo Namekian to be all anger, I also built a Black Piccolo deck, and a Saiyan Vegeta Suicide.  I then got to play a handful of games with them, and here's what I found:  the Namekian one works pretty nicely, though has a bit of trouble vs Blue Ginyu.  Black Piccolo was alright, but it needs more work.  And Saiyan Vegeta was a blast to play, though again, Ginyu has an answer for everything...

- Picked up a few DBZ starters, and while I was unable to pull the 2 MPs I needed (Krillin & Gohan) I did pull 2 sets of each starter deck types, and managed to trade an extra Goku for Gohan.  Getting closer to having a full set!

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