Sunday, November 10, 2013

This Geek's Week...

I herd U liek Mudkips...

- Been playing a bunch of War Thunder, as usual.  I think I need to just come to terms with the fact that I'm not all that good at the game.  I'm kind of a middle of the road player at best.  Sometimes I top the charts, but those time are few and far in between!  A funny little dialog happened in one match:
RandomPilot: "Are the bf 109's any good?"
Me (flying a bf 109): "I like mine, but they seem fragile"
RandomPilot: "I know, right?"
** I immediately drop behind a plane, who just happens to be "Randompilot" in a 109.  Two quick cannon shots from me and "RandomPilot" drops from the skies!
Me: "See, fragile! =P"

- Finished up the little diorama base for my Imperial Fist Rhino, and mounted the tank onto it.  I think it turned out pretty good, for a first attempt.  I think I may tackle a WWII plane next, maybe my favorite plane in War Thunder, a German BF 109 if I can find one.

- Been working on my Orc Dreadball team.  I've got about half the team finished.

- Ran Sajan through the first two scenarios of the new "Skinsaw Murders" adventure pack, "undead uprising" and "ghoul bait".  Since these were both undead themed, I restricted the monster decks to just skeletons, zombies, and ghouls.  My 3 year old daughter played the first scenario with me, her job was to flip the blessing deck, and to roll the dice, calling out the numbers.  (see, games can be educational!)  She did her best at trying to kill my character with her low die rolls.  It came down to the last card in the blessing deck, before I managed to kill the villain.  I played the second one by myself, and it went much smoother.  All in all, I'm really enjoying the overall theme of the scenarios.

- Started to finally paint some of my Flames of Wars stuff, after having it sit on the shelf for probably a year.  I'm blaming my recent love of War Thunder for this.  I've got my first test model all but finished.  For my Germans, I'm going with an HG Panzer Division.  In FoW, I'm making the allied invasion of Italy the main focus of my forces.

- Played a few rounds of World of Tanks.  1st one I got put into a higher tier bracket.  There's not much you can do against enemy tanks when your rounds just bounce off of em!  The second round, we lost via capping.  I did a bit a damage, and made my way, along with one other, to the enemy cap.  Only problem was, 2 enemies made it to our cap point, and the 2 friendlies that were close to our base decided to just drive off!  Finally in the last game, I took out 4 tanks before running into a tank I couldn't hurt.  I tried to work my way around him, to try and take some rear shots, but we ended up capping before I could make it.

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