Sunday, November 3, 2013

This Geek's Week...

- Been playing a TON of War Thunder.  (and staying up way too late in the process) I'm mainly focusing on flying German planes, but I've started flying the low tier American planes as well.  I'm still working out my aim issues.  I also gave "historic battles" a try, and while pretty hard, I honestly enjoyed it.

- Started playing the Hearthstone beta.  The game is just ok.  I enjoyed the WoW TCG back in the day, and even thought about picking it (along with the MMO) back up again, that is until I heard Cryptozoic lost the license from Blizzard.  That's what hearthstone is, a slightly modified, simplified (but still enjoyable), version of the old WoW TCG.  Despite it being a somewhat enjoyable game, they want you to spend $3 for 2 packs of digital cards, and there in lies the issue.  (as well to access some other features)  I enjoy the game, but I cannot bring myself to spend $3 for random, digital, data.  I'd spend $3 for physical cards, but not for something like this that isn't tangible.  That said, you can earn packs at a much slower pace by just playing.  Honestly, I'm not sure how well it will be received without some major incentive to keep playing and to buy packs.

- I recently decided to start taking some of my unused, larger gaming models, and mounting them into little displays/dioramas as you'd see regular modelers doing.  I've picked up some supplies, and so far have mounted one of my DUST Warfare walkers onto a base.  I'll also be mounting my Imperial Fists Rhino in a similar fashion.  From there, I'll probably start doing regular models of tanks and WWII planes instead of painting regular gaming models since lately I've not been getting much gaming in. (if you couldn't tell by these posts of late)

- Ran Valeros through a special "Halloween Themed", and it just proved too much for him!  Thus far, I've killed 2 characters, only Sajan has made it all the way through so far.  I also ordered the next adventure deck, the Skinsaw Murders.

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