Thursday, August 8, 2013

Arena Rex WIPs...

Arena Rex recently began an open playtesting phase, and since then I've pretty much been playing at least one game a night.  The game is definitely fun, and offers several mechanics I have yet to encounter in any other games currently out there.  As I said, the game is currently in open playtesting and the rules, stat cards, and some proxies for the models can all be downloaded through Red Republic Game's forums at .  But, that's not what this is about.  Actually, I thought I would post up some of the WIPs that can be found on the forums and through a google search.  Since this is all public knowledge, I'm not giving away any super-secret models, rather I'm just "googling it" for you!  In my opinion, Arena Rex features some of the greatest, most realistic sculpts I have encountered thus far.  Anyway, enough talking, ON WITH THE SHOW!

Up first, from top to bottom we have: Urbicus, Micon, and Noxii...

Urbicus (top) looks to me to be a Secutor type of gladiator, armed to fight the net-wielding Retiarius.  Micon (mid) is a Cestus gladiator armed only with his fists.  His damage tree in the game is pretty much all pushes and throws.  Last is Noxus (bottom), a Noxii.  Basically, a Noxii is an enemy of the state condemned to die in the arena.

Infelix is a Dimachaerus, dual sword wielding gladiator.  Kind of reminds me of a certain famous Thracian before he got his haircut.  In game, he's the definition of a glass cannon, high damage output, no armor or defenses to speak of.

Arena Rex also features beasts, both mythological and real.  Below are two examples...

First up, is Proximo!

I'm not real sure how to describe him really.  He looks like some sort of Chimera type of beast.

 Last, but not least is the Wendigo...

Arena Rex also features a Ludus called "The Blood Brothers" that features a mix of Viking and Native American themed gladiators.  Clearly, whomever imported these "exotic natives from the far west" also imported a nasty beasty as well!  Clearly from the above artwork, there is still plenty of additional work that needs to be done to the model, adding all the various details, feathers, antlers, etc, but this still gives you an idea of his basic look.

Those are some of my favorite of the WIP sculpts I have come across thus far.  I keep on the look out for new ones popping up, and will continue to post stuff regarding Arena Rex in the days to come!


  1. Oh man, Micon has a freaking 10-pack I think his muscles have muscles

  2. You too could have a stomach like that, all for the low, low price of 10,000 sit-ups a day! =P

  3. That's only 7 sit-ups per minute without a break the entire day. That should be easy.