Sunday, April 21, 2013

This Geek's Week...

- Got everything assemble and started painting my Retribution of Scyrah starter box.

- Picked up Injustice for the PS3, and have been playing the crap out of it!  I'm pretty impressed with it.  I like the overall story of it, and even though I beat the story mode rather quickly, there's still a ton left to do as far as unlocks, side missions, and online play.  (My PSN name is "WuhSawBe", feel free to add me on there!)

- Made it up to the shop, and got in a game of X-Wing.  NMy buddy had brought two of coworkers in to try it out, so we ended up playing a 125 point team game.  It was Wedge, Luke, and 3 or 4 A-Wings vs Vader, 3 Academy pilots, backstabber, howlrunner, and Mithel.  The shop ended up closing before we could finish, but we ended up ahead on points, making it the first win for my 181st (one-eighty-worst).  Not pretty, but I'll take it!  Hard to say who would have won had we been able to finish, it was honestly pretty close.  (i'd give the edge to the rebels I think)

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