Monday, April 15, 2013

The state of my Eldar,,,

I've got a unit of 5 of these guys painted so far...

I wonder what the new book will
hold for this guy?
The current state of my Eldar army is a bit of a sad one.  I've got about 800 points so far, but that's all.  My main reason for not picking up more along the way is that I'm finding a lot of the Eldar models pretty dated imo, and pretty uninspiring (or just non-fun) to paint.

But, the new codex in the works gives me a lot to look forward to!  First and foremost, I'm looking forward to finally being able to play an Alaitoc-specific force again, something I have not been able to do since the old Craftworld book.  I've also got my fingers crossed for a few updated models, namely some new jetbikes, or perhaps some new HQ options as far as characters go.  I also hope/expect there to be a general buff to psychic powers.  That's one thing that has always kind fo bugged me.  IMO, Eldrad should be the STANDARD for what a Farseer should be, Eldar are supposed to be master psykers, and outside of Eldrad, they don't truly feel like it.

I'm really hoping I never have to use this guy
once the new book drops!

So, on the upside, with a new book looming, maybe only having a 800 points worth of Eldar is not a bad thing.  Afterall, should there be an influx of new and updated models, I wont need to replace a ton of models.  Second, I also wont have a large chunk of an army become obsolete practically overnight.  I'll pretty much be starting a fresh, new Eldar army.  

Thankfully, I already have an Eldar tattoo on my forearm to help separate me from the inevitable "flavor of the month" players...

What are your thoughts/hopes/plans for the new Eldar codex?

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