Saturday, April 13, 2013

This Geek's Week...

- Played my 1st games of Dust Tactics.  Fun game.  I wouldn't mind playing Dust Warfare at some point if I could find an opponent.

- Managed to make it up to the LGS this Wednesday.  I played a couple of games: Tokaido, Love Letter, and Evil Baby Orphanage.  Tokaido was ok.  It was fun, but pretty simple, with not a lot of strategy.  It would be a good one for non-gamers to try.  I didn't expect much from Love Letter, but it was actually pretty fun!  Another simple one.  Finally, Evil Baby Orphanage was a bit "meh".  The evil babies they used were pretty funny, and I chuckled a bit, but the gameplay just wasn't the greatest.

- Managed a breakthrough on Elder Scrolls.  Finished lots of dungeon areas, and finally was able to get past the named dragons I was stuck on.

- Finally got around to watching the Ultramarines movie.  My wife called it "the nerdiest thing I've ever watched..."

- Hung out at the shop Saturday night.  I only got to play a single game of the DC Deckbuilder, so mostly hung out, chatted, went out to dinner with some friends, and actually watched a goofy 80's B movie at the shop, "TerrorVision".

- Traded some Khador jacks I had laying around for a Retribution starter.  I haven't play WM in probably a year or so.  I started putting the box together, and I'm pretty amazed by the speed in which PP's plastic jacks come together.  I should start painting them in a day or so.

- After finishing "Wolf Pack", I picked up "Know No Fear".  I think I'll save starting it for when we (the family) go on vacation in a few weeks.  In the meantime, I'm reading a collection of H.P. Lovecraft stories...

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