Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 End Of Year Gamer Review...

Continuing the tradition of previous years, I like look back at the end/start of a year and sort of see "how I did" as a geek and a gamer.  Last year was a bit of a rough one, and while 2017 still had some rough patches, I think it ended on a high note.  If you like to read long lists, with a bit of ranting, this post is for you...

Strap in, it's a long one...

As always, I start off with the total number of painted models for the year:

  • 2x Sherman 76's
  • Jagpanther wreck
  • M10
Imperial Assault:
  • AT-ST
  • 9x stormtrooper 
  • 3x Probe Droid
  • 3x Imperial Officers
  • Vader
  • 4x Imperial Guards
  • 2x E-web engineer 
  • 4x trandoshan hunters
  • Diala Passil
  • 2x Nexu 
  • Gaarkhan 
  • Gideon Argus
  • Fenn Signis 
  • Mak Eshka'rey
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Jyn Odan
  • Kayn Somos 
  • 4x Heavy Stormtrooper
  • Biv Bodhrik
  • Bossk
  • Saska Teft
  • 4x Tuskan Raiders
  • 3x Republic Commandos
  • IG-88
  • Boba Fett
  • MHD-19
  • SC 2-M Tank
  • Loku Kanoloa 
  • 2x Rebel Saboteur 
  • Verena Talos
  • 2x Wampa
  • 4x Assassin Droids
  • 6x Snowtroopers
  - Roman Warlord
 - 16x Roman Bowmen
  • 16x Warriors w/ spears 
  • 18x Levies
  • 4x Hearthguard
  • Ballista (proxy)
  • Guide
  • 3x adventurers
  • Matabele king
  • 6x Scouts
  • 4x Fanatics 
  • Witch Doctor 
  • 10x Warriors
  • 10x Askari
  • Major Allan Wilson
  • 3x BSAC Scouts
  • 8x BSAC Riflemen
  • 4x BSAC Soldiers
  • 3 Japanese Buildings
  • 6 Wall-end section
  • Gate 
  • 6 walls
  • 3x terrain bases
  • BSAC flag
  • BSAC Camp (4 tents)
  • 8x Tree stands
  • 5x Rocky bases
  • 3x Bush bases
  • Favorite model of 2017
  • 2x Hills
Test of Honour:
  • Masahiro
  • Tadashi 
  • 1x Samurai
  • 10x Masked Men
  • 2x Sergeants
  • 3x Archers
Blood & Plunder
  • English Captain
  • 4x Sea Dogs
  • 8x Freebooters
  • 8x Militia 

  • Fire Prism
  • Farseer Skyrunner
  • 3x Windrider

TOTAL PAINTED: 281 (more or less, taking into account the terrain as well)

So, off to a good start!  2015's total was 145, and 2016's was 154.  I was definitely hit by the painting bug this year, and not only that, but doing a bit of stuff in several systems too!  Last year, the big hit seemed to be Age of Sigmar, while this year it was clearly Imperial Assault.  That said, I think my favorite model of the year is actually one of the last ones I completed, the Fire Prism for my Warhammer 40,000 Aeldari army.  (I still cant get used to saying "aeldari" over "eldar")  So, why the Fire Prism?  I think a lot of it has to do with my recent attitude change towards painting as whole, more on that in a bit, as well just the fact I enjoyed the overall process from start to finish.  I got out of comfort zone, and did  lot of experimentation, and I think the results turned out pretty well!  Reddit helped make the final decision on which color scheme/craftworld I would run, and I think they made the right call!

Next up, my Top 5, most played games of 2017:


Favorite game AND opponent
2015's total was 298, while 2016's was only 87, after big slump in the gaming department.  148 seems respectable enough for me!  Interesting little side note, all the games of Magic The Gathering were done over the Thanksgiving holiday against my brother in law. Also not shocked to see so many card games make the list, but obviously, the Pokemon TCG is taking a dive... I honestly, doubt it makes the end of year report for 2018.  None of the previous years' games make the top 5, but SAGA made a bit of a return.  (though it too, has started to drop off.  More on that in a bit)  Imperial Assault saw a lot of play at my house, as every game played of it has been against my daughter.  Thus, I gotta go with Imperial Assault as my top game of the year.  Sure, set up takes awhile, but with all the various missions to play, there is tons of variety, even if I get stuck always playing as the Rebels.  FFG has recently came out with an app for the campaign, allowing you to play through it solo, so eventually I hope to give it a try.  (even though I'm not much of a solo gamer these days)

Favorite book
Unlike last year, this time around I've got a favorite book 2017: Thrawn by Timothy Zahn.  It was close between this and Chuck Wendig's Aftermath series, as I really liked the characters he presented in the story, along with a lot of the gaps he filled in the timeline between Return of the Jedi and the The Force Awakens.  BUT, I gotta go with Thrawn!  For those that don't know, Thrawn is one of those widely popular expanded universe (we still use that term, right?) characters that often interact with the BIG named film characters, and often times has enough popularity to rival them as far as fan spotlight goes.  In the pre-Disney (Legacy) era, Mr. Zahn wrote a couple of novels centered around Thrawn, that many fans felt were pivotal to ENTIRETY of the Star Wars saga.  Now, post-Disney acquisition of the franchise, Thrawn makes his return in a new origin story, and while some fans cannot get past the pre-Disney era/timeline, I am NOT one of those fans, I LOVE the direction Disney has taken Star Wars into, and LOVE what Zahn has done to sort of reintroduce us to Thrawn.  Aside from being about Thrawn himself, the novel also gives us a very interesting look into the "Imperial Political Machine" that I really enjoyed.  AND there have been announcements of a follow up as well!

Favorite Video Game

Also different from last year, I've got a favorite video game of year... well sort of.  I've got a favorite console, and that would have to be the Nintendo Switch.  I LOVE it, and in fact, the reason I haven't been on xbox at all lately is due to the switch.  (though even then, I'm not on often.  I'm usually too busy painting in my free time!)  Picking one game as a favorite was hard.  I played a lot of Zelda, but once I beat it, I haven't much incentive to go back in.  I LOVE the idea and concept of Pokken Tournament DX, but I'm terrible at it, and fighting other players online gives me major RAGE issues.  So really, that leaves Splatoon 2.  Luckily, I'm decent at Splatoon, though my aim sucks half the time, I still typically end up 1st or 2nd place in every match, both in terms of splats (kills) and turf inked (how you score points)  

I tried my best to come up with a favorite movie/TV show/Anime for the year, but I really couldn't settle on a favorite, every time I'd think of one candidate, I'd come up with 5 more titles that rival it!  But, I really did try!  Movie wise, I liked the latest Star Wars, though the internet would have me convinced I am in the minority.  Aside from that, I also liked the DC comics films, though again, with the exception of Wonder Woman, I think I'm in the minority.  TV wise, I watched a lot of Black Mirror, along with Dr. Who, but I also like the Marvel shows on Netflix (not Agents of S.h.i.e.l.d. though) as well as being a regular viewer of the CW's DC shows.  I got really into Black Sails while I painted my Blood & Plunder stuff.  Anime is another one of those that I just can't decide on a favorite...  after finishing up Naruto, which I liked, I started watching Boruto, and while enjoyable, something is a bit off, it lacks something that Naruto had in my opinion.  Attack on Titan is good, maybe Sword Art Online edges out as a favorite, but I'm not sure. One thing I do know, is that using my free Amazon Prime sub to subscribe to the Warhammer TV channel on Twitch!  I often sit, and chat live while I paint, and it has really got me motivated and excited for the Games-Workshop hobby.  If you tune in, you'll often hear my gamertag mentioned pretty often, which is always a bit exciting! (for me it is, anyway)  Even my daughter enjoys watching it whenever she's off of school!  (they typically start about 10 am here)

So, what's next for 2018?  I usually will post up something about specific games that are "on my radar" but really there are not any this time around.  I'm really enjoying working on Games-Workshop's models as of late, so I firmly expect to continue to work on my Aeldari army, especially as my daughter has started working on an army completely on her own, the Black Templars.  (All "easy build" stuff for her)  I'm semi-excited for the 2nd edition of SAGA in February, I say only semi-excited because SAGA has been on the back-burner, really ALL actual gaming outside of games with my daughter have, so it's not a SAGA-specific issue.  I've really turned into more of a "hobbyist" at this stage than a gamer.  A lot of it comes down to effort.  It takes a lot of effort to arrange a game, pack up all my minis and giant tub of terrain so we can play on a decent looking table, drive the 25 minutes it takes me to get to the game store I play it, game for a few hours, pack it all back up, and drive home... then get up at 7 am.  I *could* do all that, or I could just paint for a few hours in my workshop, then go upstairs and to bed.  Same goes for solo gaming.  I *could* set everything up, commit to playing a game for a few hours, OR I could pop on a video game and play as little or as much as want, then turn it off, OR I could also just paint.  That said, as much as I may grumble about getting out of the house, I do hope I can find my way back to at least playing semi-regular games of SAGA in 2018...

SO, there you have it!  As always, I wanna thank all those that visit my blog, especially those that take the time to share the blog and drop in some comments.  You guys & gals are part of what keeps me motivated to keep this blog going.  Thanks again, and hope you all have a good 2018!

Until next Time,


  1. Bloody impressive tally pf games and minis painted mate. Bravo!

    Hope 2018 offers up more opportunities for you to enjoy this hobby however you wish.