Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Finished Yme-Loc Fire Prism

Hot off the line from the Forges of Vaul, I just recently finished up my Fire Prism!  All in all, I'm pretty pleased, especially when you factor in that this basically constitutes a "test model" for not just the paint scheme, but a test for several new painting techniques that I'm hoping to develop as well.

Using the #HobbyStreak on twitter, this took me 7 consecutive days of paint work (not including building), spending roughly 1-3 hours each day.  My overall goal for my list is to include a total of 3 prisms, so expect to see more down the road.... if I can ever get my hands on 2 more!

Next up, I'll be working on my bikes and farseer, and we shall see how many consecutive days I can continue my #HobbyStreak.  I've also got to figure out some sort of plan for a list in the meantime while I wait to find more Fire Prisms and Nightspinners...

Until Next time,


  1. I still like the scheme mate. That purple crystal looks pretty cool too.

    1. Thanks! Originally, I was going to do an Iyanden scheme, hence the purple as a complimentary color choice, I switched to the scheme you see here, after putting it to a vote! Now the question is, do I stick to the purple color for the other prisms, or do I go for a “rainbow look” with each having a different color crystal?

    2. Stick with Purple. It goes well with the orange and the uniformity of outfitting each tank with the same crystal colour would be better visually I think than a motley assortment