Tuesday, July 11, 2017

CONGO BSAC Painting update

A month or so ago, I rushed through painting my British South African Company for CONGO.  I rushed, mainly because they were just being shelved anyway, and I wanted to clear them off my painting desk.  That said, I still think they turned out fine....
(Models are from Northstar btw)

First up, the leader of the ill-fated Shangani Patrol, Major Allan Wilson.  I'm running my BSAC as an "expedition" force in the rules, and this will be my main leader.  (Running him as a "Retired Officer") He came both on foot and mounted, but there are no rules for mounted models currently in the game, so I've saved the horse and rider.  (Maybe I'll convert it into a statue of some sort)  I went with the basic uniform based off of some of the research I've seen, and all of my BSAC will be in various browns with white shirts.

Up next, the scouts...

These guys are actually a cannon crew, but given their squatted stances, I figured they'd be perfect as scouts.  Initially, I was going to use some of the squatting, pistol armed guys seen in the Riflemen group as scouts, but it was more cost efficient for me to just buy the crew and NOT use the cannon.  I painted up the cannon loader to look like it was taken from a fallen Matabele tribesmen, as well as putting a shield and spear on the base as if they just ambushed someone.  I also used taller grass make it look like they were trying to hide or scout ahead.

Finally, the "Riflemen", though technically they are listed as "Trained Askari" in the army list.  They are the basic troops of the Expedition force, and I do actually have 2 units of them painted up.  The shop I purchased them from initially only had 1 blister of BSAC Riflemen, so I decided to pick up a blister of ones armed with pistols and mix them into the unit to fill out 2 units.  Technically speaking, they are all armed with rifles in the game.

... and there you have it.  Added to what I had previously completed, I now have 50 points of BSAC to face off against the 100 pts of Matabele.  Initially, I had planned to further fill them out, BUT the shop hasn't restocked what I need, and I haven't been able to play CONGO in a few months anyway.  (so no motivation)  Maybe one day I'll play a "Shangani Patrol" style match vs my Matabele, solo of course, and outnumbered 10-1, which is actually very fitting!

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  1. Solid looking bunch of Boks mate. They would almost fit nicely in a Wild West setting imo.

    1. Yep yep, given the late 1800's time period... they definitely have a Wild West look to em!