Thursday, July 13, 2017

Test of Honour Painting Update

A little while ago, I finished up my Scorpion Clan (from the card game Legend of the Five Rings, or L5R) that I planned to use in Test of Honour.  Another bit of a rush job, simply cuz I was tired of having them on my painting desk.  As for the 2nd army, the Phoenix Clan, I pawned them off my 7 yr old daughter to finish up.... seeing as they were her's anyway.  So, once again, I'm out of miniatures to paint, and I'm 100% fine with it.  Anyway, here's what I finished up...

Up first, is my "Samurai Hero" that I'm running as the named character "Todashi the Dishonored", mainly because he fits the overall scheme of the Scorpion Clan.  He's one of the metal promotional figures that I received when I purchased the base game from my LGS.  As the Scorpion Clan in L5R are known for wearing masked, I went ahead and greenstuffed a small mask for him, which is the only modification.  Overall, I'm pleased with how her turned out, with a few exceptions, mainly in the texture of the model itself.  Looking closely, you see some general roughness and a few tiny pits in the model, which in my opinion loweres the quality of the model as a whole.  The roughness being clear around the wrist of his sword-arm, and a few pits can be seen on his back, just below the scorpion clan mon.  Honestly, I didn't notice these at first, and they only became apparent after paint was applied.  It's not a huge deal, but annoying nonetheless, and gives  further support for why plastic models are my preferred choice.

Next up, is the rest of the force, and I'll start with the models in the back, and move left to right.  In the back-left side is the extra Samurai model to be thrown in later on.  Next to him, with the flag, is the sergeant, and next to him is lone "masked man" model, taken to fill that last, single point in army list, useful for the extra token and holding an objective in the back.  (hence the guard pose)  Up front, are 3 groups of 3x "masked men", 2 groups armed with spears, and 1 group with katanas.  I'm bringing "Masked Men" simply because it fits the theme.  With the Katana armed ones, I designed them to look like an ambushing unit, squatting down, swards drawn, hiding amongst the tall grasses.  Again, I did so to fit the Scorpion's theme of the being sneaky, underhanded, and dishonorable.  The only downside with these guys is the lack of missile units, which I learned is something I wished I had in the army after a handful of games...

So, there you have it, my initial 15pt force for Test of Honour.  I don't mind that I rushed them, and I think they turned out fine for "tabletop quality", and seeing as I'm probably ONLY going to play this game against my 7 yr old daughter, the only 2 people I have to be concerned with judging their quality is here and I.  Like I said, I mainly wanted to get my desk 100% cleared off and take a break from painting minis.  Now that a few weeks have passed, and I bought more glue (I was out), I may look into adding some missile units and bringing the army up to its full size, roughly about 6 more models at best.  But again, since its just my daughter and I playing, I'm in no rush to advance our armies until she wants to....

Now, I just figure out what to do in the meantime...


  1. For games at home they work just fine. I like the red/black scheme lots on these, very striking.

    Time to start collecting WW2! ;)

    1. I'd love to, but there doesn't seem to be a lot WW2 gaming going on my area. (40k is all the rage it seems) Bolt Action interests me, but then again, no one is playing, and I do already have a few FoW armies already collecting dust on my shelf! =(

    2. Yeah, FoW seems to have died almost entirely in my area. V4 hasn't been much of a hit at all. (I've still yet to pick it up.)

      One thing I've found though - painting 28mm WW2 is SO MUCH MORE FUN than 15mm. Harder too. :)