Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What's New With WuhSawBe?

On my desk at the moment: SAGA, CONGO, and Test of Honour...

I may be slowly easing back into the tabletop side of things, but still pretty heavy on the Video Game side: Halo and Pokemon....

I've taken a good, solid week or so off from really doing any hobby work.  Since playing Congo and Test of Honour at the shop seem to be a bit of a bust, I decided to pull all the figures out of my case, and either put them in the display case if they are painted, or put them on the painting desk if they need some work.  Currently on my painting desk is:

6x Roman Levies for SAGA
8x BSC Riflemen, 3x Scouts, and 1 Leader for Congo
13x various models for my ToH army
7x models for my Daughter's ToH army (the Red/Yellow ones)

That's what I've got left that I want to get finished before I really buy anything else... the exception being, I'm planning on trying to scratch-build a Roman Ballista for my SAGA force, as I've kind of given up on mine ever arriving from the shop...

WIP River System...

I've also recently decided that the Friday Night SAGA group needs some decent terrain to play, as the shop we meet up at tends to have a pretty poor selection as of late, which I COMPLETELY understand why they don't put out any good terrain... the shop's terrains sees a lot of abuse!  So, I've decided to step in and see if I could provide the group with some stuff to use.  (crappy looking tables and unpainted models will NEVER attract new players to a game... just saying.)  Someone wants to play the A&A 2-player campaign with me in the near future, so I decided to try my hand at building a 4ft long river system... mostly because I also had the materials to try, on hand.  Let me just say this: I really DISLIKE building terrain!  I always feel whatever I craft is either just "ok" or just ends up scrapped all together!  When the option is available, I'd rather buy pre-built stuff to save me a bunch of headaches... BUT I'm also CHEAP, and thats my issue.  Gotta find a balance!  So anyway, I've been working a bit on the river system, and it looks like it is coming along.  I've still got to put something over the top to give the water some "water effects" and to do some of the basing around the edges, with flock and whatnot.  I should also mention that the pictures are a bit deceptive, the small sections are cut at angles to create the kinks in the river, it is not just straight across the board, that would be boring!

The plan over all is to scratch-build the woods, probably a swamp/marsh or two as well.  I'll have to sort out some hills, and some rocky ground, to which I may look at GF9's Battlefield in a Box for those.  Lastly, building wise, I'll be sticking to plastcraft stuff for those!

FeelsBad Man....
I did also play a new player, in SAGA.  It was a 4 pt Milites Christi (Teutonic Knights) vs Vikings match.  The game ended badly, a resounding, but unintentional win for the Knights.  It started out, the first several turns, the vikings were wiping out my units wholesale.  My whole army was whittled down to just my warlord and my knights, and I had only killed about 3 vikings total.  It looked sooo one-sided, like I was being trounced or purposefully throwing the match.  I figured the vikings were so far ahead on points by now, that i really should try to at least charge in my Hearthguard and get some points on the board.  I figured I'd lose models to attrition, as usual, and the vikings would win... NOPE, didn't happen that way!  They broke what was left of the viking Hearthguard, losing no models.  Caught the enemy Warlord, thinking he'd kill off a few of my guys, but nope, they slew the warlord and only lost 1 knight.  Then I thought, if I charge my warlord, by himself, into a unit of warriors, then they'd kill him, and things would balance back out... NOPE, didn't happen.  My last ditch effort to bring the game back to something more  inline with being equal, was to charge his unit of warriors with my knights, in the hopes that while the viking player may have gotten unintentionally "tabled" the game wouldn't sting as much if the only left on the board was just my Warlord and 2 knights... but, that didn't happen either, and my knights were unscathed.  I instantly felt bad though, It went from me doing absolutely nothing, to me unintentionally killing everything... something which NEVER happens for me, hence my surprise.  Beating up a new player feels awful, even if unexpected and unintentional, as I'm definitely NOT that type of guy!  Hopefully, I can give him a rematch, with better results next time...

Hail Hydra Launcher!
Aside from that, I've been playing a bit of Halo 5, as usual.  There has been a big debate over the the Autorifles being OP, and subsequently removed from competitive settings.  At first, I wasn't buying into it, but now I've changed my mind!  With the new ranking season starting up. I decided to play the 10 Free-For-All placement matches using pistols only, vs everyone else having all the weapons.  I figured going into it, I was going have my butt handed to me (as usual) but I figured it would be a good chance for me  to see just how balanced the AR's were, and to hopefully improve my aim just a little bit... not to mention, I'd come out this pretty low ranked due to getting owned.  And it worked!  My aim improved a little, I think, but I still lost a lot of 1v1's.  Several of which, I would put up to the imbalance of pistols vs AR's, at pretty much any range.  So, it definitely changed my opinion on the AR balance.  And, rank wise, yeah, it was pretty low... not bronze, which is the lowest, but silver, which is still bad, and lower than my usual rank.  To prove my point,  I played my 11th game after placing, with no restrictions, using all the weapons, etc, and easily won that game 26-10, with some suicides.  2nd place only had 16 kills, so a 10 kill difference, which is pretty massive.  I had also been playing with another member of my old Spartan Company, and I decided to sign back up with them.
My two favorites...

I've also been playing a lot of Pokemon, on all fronts: Moon on the DS, the TCG, both at home, the local league, and online.  In Pokemon Moon, I've logged about 31 hours on the game, and still have yet to complete the story, I'm mostly just enjoying the whole experience, hunting specific pokemon, leveling up my guys, etc.  Mimikyu has quickly become one of my new favorite pokemon, and Acerola is just so darn cute!  TCG wise, I've been played a few games at home with my daughter, as well as making it up to the local Pokemon league for a few games.  My daughter really like Litten, the fire-type starter, so I'm trying to help her build an Incineroar GX deck for her to play in her age bracket at an upcoming "League Challenge" i.e. a small, local tournament.  I've also picked up a trainer box from Sun and Moon and the new Guardians Rising set, as well as some singles for my daughter, and the odd booster pack here and there.  I'm planning to take part in the League Challenge as well, probably with a Mega Rayquaza deck, as it seems somewhat viable, and I have most for what I need for that deck.

... and there you have it!  Hopefully, I can get over this "hobby block" and finish up the few models I have left on desk, and hopefully start cracking on some terrain as well.

Until Next Time,


  1. I find rocky ground bases are easy and affordable if you use old CD's as a base and just glue gravel and actual rocks to them. :)

    Nice to see progress mate!

    1. Sadly, the water effects I used on the rivers shrank as it dried, and ended up peeling up the paint. Sigh, had to scrap the project! I just can't stand scratch-building terrain! I'm just gonna stick to the GF9 Battlefield in Box stuff and stop crafting!