Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Halo LootCrate #5 - Unboxing/Review

I do always love it when my latest HaloCrate drops on the doorstep!  As usual, I'll be going through the Crate's contents, piece by piece.....

=== +++++ ===SPOILERS AHEAD


Popping the lid, I'm greeted by this sight... uh oh, not off to a good start!  Inside the packet is what could have been some pretty sweet art, and nice blurb about Fireteam Apollo, the brutes, and the crate's theme: The Great Schism.  I'm sure some people may not be bothered by my mangled packets, but to me, it makes the crate feel like it was literally just TOSSED together.  I have a display in my "Nerd Lair/Man Cave" of some of the cooler pieces from these info packets, so it saddens me when a potential art piece like this arrives in poor condition.  The poster in the box also displays a 2nd art piece, but mine only had 1 inside.  Oh well, moving on...

The next thing I grabbed was the hat, which turned out to be a replica of Sgt. Johnson's, a much loved character by many.  This isn't really a "day-to-day" kind of hat in my opinion, and really I don't wear many hats at all now a days, but maybe some people out there could pull off the look!  I ended up hanging it on my wall, close to the TV, mostly as a display piece.  Maybe I should one day add a plaque below it in honor of his noble sacrifice!  Realistically, I'll probably pull it down and wear it when I play Halo, maybe/hopefully it will bring me good luck, and/or improve my aim.  (Cuz I NEED that!)  The only time I'll wear it in public is if I'm playing the Halo miniatures game, Halo Ground Command, at a gaming store.  Still, while it may not see a ton of wear, it still looks cool hanging up!

Next up, the shirt.... and LootCrate NAILED IT with this design!  If you've been reading my previous unboxings, you'll know how the shirts often left something to be desired, I've always stated that I was hoping for something more along the lines of Jinx's Halo shirt quality, and this time I got exactly that in my opinion!  I love the design, the bright colors, everything.  I can see me wearing this one an awful lot.  I'm gonna say it, this is probably my favorite of the shirts, thus far!  As with the last one, I ordered it 1 size up, as I'm not sure if its the materials, or my dryer, but shrinking (length wise) has been an issue in the past.  By ordering a size larger, they shrink down to a good length, or so I've noticed.

Up next, I grabbed the Arbiter figure which was spoiled pretty early on.  I really like the Sangheili, and the Arbiter in general, so this was one I was definitely looking forward to.  This one also opened up a lot of potential for the mixing and matching of displays, and I did spend some time doing just that.  Some people have commented that the pose looked a bit goofy, and maybe by itself, it would, but it went really either leaping over the grunt from an earlier crate, or facing off with Atriox from the last crate.  All in all, I like him!

Next up, I pulled this mystery box with the awesome Jiralhanae (or I assumed anyway) design.  There were no hints really from the packaging what was inside, other than the back said "hand wash only, and not microwave safe".  Inside, was a heavy, metal, brute grav-hammer magnet bottle opener.  They weren't messing around when they made it, the magnet is pretty strong, and it had to be to hold up such a heavy hunk of metal!  This is one of those items, that some will love, some will find "meh".  A lot depends on your drinking habits. (I'm more of a PBR in a can, kind of guy)  I could have put in the fridge, but it is already overcrowded with magnets and artwork done by the kiddo, so I ended up finding the perfect spot for it in my Nerd Lair, not too far from my gaming chair!

The pin... is well... the pin.  It feels like it is high quality, but I'm sure most people don't really care a whole lot about the pin.  I put them on display, but thats about it.  Every crate has one.  Moving on....

Next up, the poster.  On one side, some sweet artwork featuring the Arbiter vs a Brute, and on the other side, it shows all the crate's contents as well as a code for some Halo Wars 2 Blitz Packs.  I've framed an hung up every one of the previous posters, and I'll be doing the same with this one as well.  It's an easy way to cover your walls in Halo art, and each one are wonderful art pieces in and of themselves!  This one is no exception as the artist did a wonderful job in terms of composition and color pallet.  I'm planning on hanging it right next to the last one of Atriox.

When I logged into HW2, after imputing the code, I noticed I had 3 blitz packs waiting for me, some I'm not 100% sure how many this code actually gives you, and which of the 3 packs I received from this crate.  I took a screenshot of the last pack I opened and called it a day.  Personally, I always prefer exclusive digital content, but a free pack is a free pack!  Speaking of which, if anyone out there doesn't want their's, please send it my way! (Xbox GT: WuhSawBe)

Finally, the art inside the empty box.  I'm assuming that this is the Prophet of Regret, but I could be wrong...

There you have it!  All in all, the box felt a bit "light" this time around in terms of actual items inside.  For me, this clear winner of this crate is the shirt, with an honorable mention going to the Arbiter figure.  Crate no. 6 comes with a Hunter figure, which looks epic!  I am curious though what will happen after the next one, if they will continue to do more HaloCrates, or if the sixth one will be the final one...

As always, thanks for reading.  Until next time!

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