Thursday, October 27, 2016

Lootcrate Halo LegendaryCrate #2 - Unboxing/Review

The 2nd Halo legendary Crate from Lootcrate unexpectedly arrived on my doorstep, let's take a look at what box #2 contains... by the way, it is ODST themed.  (If you didn't already know)

Once more, there was a data envelope, though mine got a little damaged in the box.  Luckily, the little satellite scan card was fine.  It was a fun little read detailing a bit of the behind the scenes stuff of ODST Buck (later to become a Spartan).

Next, I dove straight for the exclude "Halo Icons" statue, featuring ODST Buck!  Outside of Master Chief, Buck is a bit of a fan favorite.  (I'm sure being played by Nathan Fillion helps as well).  The base locks together with the previous statue, but because of the placement of the guns, it was pretty limited on which side of the base it could go on.  My only other critique is that unlike the other statue, this one is helmetless.  I know they wanted to show off his face, but the option for a helmet would have been nice, given how iconic the ODST armor is and how you don't really see soldiers going into battle without a helmet in Halo!

Next up is the shirt, featuring the iconic "Feet first into hell" motto, with an interesting little emblem.  While really cool (and I'm definitely wearing it tomorrow) I'm really more excited for the next item, the ODST pajamas!  Those one features the same motto, but with the more iconic ODST logo.  I really like these, and as a side note, I'm happy to see that they have pockets... PJ's without a pocket to hold my phone can kind of bug me a bit.  You could wear the shirt with the pants if you wanted, or if your really wanna lounge about, wear it with the previous crate's long sleeved shirt.  Either way, I think my favorite item in the crate would probably be the pants...

Next comes the pin, and two rubber, Velcro patches.  The patches all come with a shaped Velcro strip that could be sown onto something, or you could use them on the UNSC bag from the first crate.  (Which had Velcro sections already). For me, I ended up adding both the pin and the patches to a scarf I have hanging in my nerd lair that already holds all my other geek-pins.

Finally, there is a small poster, featuring the art we had previously seen as a teaser image for this month's crate-theme.  On the reverse side, they break down the crate's contents.  I'm looking forward to picking up a small frame and hanging it into nerd lair.

Finally, there is the image inside the empty box, and the req pack.  Last time we received a Lootcrate-exclusive Fireteam Apollo emblem, but this one seemed to be abnormal gold pack.  I'm a little bummed that there wasn't anything exclusive for me to rock around with in Halo 5 this time,  like an armor item or exclusive weapon skin.  But, oh well...

So, there you have it!  All in all, a pretty cool crate!  There were a few things I mentioned above that I'm not all that wild about, but really the cloths were definitely the highlight for me in this one.  It feels little on the "lighter side" compared to crate #1, but Instill got a few new items to put up in my Nerd Lair, and some new cloths, so overall I'm pretty happy!  They showed a silhouette of a statue with a gravhammer, which I'm excited for, and I am overall eager to see what they come up with for the next one.  Just gotta wait two months....

Until next time,

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