Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What's New With wuhSawBe?

Well, my family vacation has come and gone... and word of advice, 8 days is a bit too long to spend in Disney!  (But that is a story for another time).  Despite the week long interruption, I still had a few things go on in geek-land.

For the plane ride out to Florida, I mentioned before that I picked up two White Dwarf Magazines.  I honestly expected to blow through both of them on the trip out, and since I didn't want to lug around the big Ultramarines Omnibus, I picked up the Age of Sigmar novel: War Storm.  That said, I didn't really need the new book, as I read the first WD from cover-to-cover which lasted the whole flight out.  I must say, I'm pretty impressed with what GW did with the magazine as a whole, and will definitely continue to keep picking them up.  On the way back, I read the 2nd one, again, cover-to-cover.  So yeah, well worth it.

Now that I'm back home, I've noticed my routine has still been a little bit off, but may slowly be settling back down.  I haven't been playing a lot of video games like I regularly did before, though I did manage a few games of Halo and Destiny.  In Halo, I was obviously very rusty, and it took me awhile to even get a positive KDR. (My aim was a bit all over the place). Played a bit of Destiny as well, though again, I was rusty as heck.  We did a few Archon's forge runs and a played a few rounds of crucible, in which I was struggling to get a positive KDR as well.  Really, it boils down to just one night of video games in the last week, which has not been the norm for me.

Without video games, I managed to finish up the Warriors of Ultramar, and am taking a break from 3rd book in the Ultramarines Omnibus to read War Storm, which I started over vacation.  My wife and I have been watching The Walking Dead on Netflix, and I also watched all of season 2 of Dark Matter while I tried to get caught up on work.  I must say, Season 2 of Dark Matter was pretty good, and the show has really grown on me.  (I still view it as a poor man's Firefly substitute, but it's still entertaining)

I also played my first game of the Pathfinder RPG, and it was a lot of fun!  There were 6 players, plus the GM.  It took me a bit to warm up, having not played this type of RPG in close to 20 years, but everyone really seemed to like my character.  I was playing a bard, a displaced noblemen, who's only goal is regain his estate and his status in society.  I mentioned before how his magic and skills all come from tutors he'd had throughout his life.  I meant for him to be a serious character, but he ended up being more comical than intended.  It started when I used my bardic performance, the group says: "what's that?  Play an instrument, or sing a song?"  I simply reply: "I'm not THAT type of bard.  As an aristocrat, I talk too much, tell stories about the superiority of my house, etc.  think more of a public speaker... honestly, I'm probably scolding you guys, telling you how these creatures are nothing compared to the denizens of Cheliax!"  Then, when I tried to heal our fighter, mentioning that I was tutored in the healing arts one summer at my summer estate, and I rolled a 1.  
(But hey, that was enough to bring him to 0 wounds!).  At one point, I ended up having to fight off a bunch of rats, having bragged about my character's time at the fencing academy, but it was anything but impressive!  When I did hit, which wasn't easy to do, I'd comically only roll a 1.  At one point, I was tanking two rats, and while they couldn't hit me, I couldn't hit them either, it wasn't until the mage used a mate-hand spell on a rat to generate attacks if opportunity, was I able to hit them, again, rolling 1's each time.  By the time the first combat was over, I was fully comfortable and in character.  Once it came to playing out of combat, my character did a complete 180!  The first out of combat roll, the GM asks to make a perception check, and I roll a natural 20! (+7). Then a diplomacy check sees me roll a total of 23, then an appraise and knowledge check, both above 20.  So yeah, as I had hoped he'd be, he was not valuable IN combat, but was invaluable OUT of combat!  (Though, he needs to work a bit on his fencing!).  If you are curious to see how our games are going, the GM has put together a little blog at pathfinderfun.blogspot.com, detailing our adventures.

So, aside from Pathfinder, no other games have been played before or after vacation.  I did manage to finish painting up the slaughterpriest from the White Dwarf magazine, as well as one of the reaper Pathfinder models.  I'm currently working on the final miniature I have to paint, which shouldn't take me long to finish.  (I noticed that I kind of rush the reaper models a bit more than I would a GW model.). I'm not sure what I'll paint afterwards.  Part of me wants to collect the 15mm Halo Ground Command, but I know I won't be able to find anyone willing to play.  Part of me also wants to start a 40k army, or even a kill team one, thanks to the White Dwarf Magazines, but I'm not sure which one to start: Eldar (my old love), Ultramarines, World Eaters, or the branches of the Inquisition - Deathwatch, Grey Knights, sisters.  Another hesitation I have, is if I'd actually get to use whichever army I start.  I mean, let's be honest, I don't game near enough for me to warrant the cost, I'm doing so for hobby reasons, and out of habit.  I thought about adding to my Khorne army for AOS, but I've still yet to play anyone other than my daughter, so is there really a point?  I dunno what I'll decide to do, but I've got a few days to decide while I finish up my last model.

There you have it.  Sorry to end on a bit of bummer, but if you've followed my blog for awhile you would have noticed a severe lack of gaming that actually takes place, so my rant should be nothing new.  Maybe I just need new gaming friends, I dunno.  In the meantime, hopefully this Pathfinder deal works out, as it was my first true gaming experience (with actual adults) that I've had in a really, really long time!  Hopefully, I'll get back in the swing of things soon...


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