Sunday, April 5, 2015

This Geek's Week. (Easter Edition)

... and lots of HUGS!

- Helped paint my daughter's Battletech mech.  It cracks me up, because I told her she could run a Mercenary unit, which she named the "autobots", and this time she chose an "Optimus" color scheme.

- Made a trip to the LGS, mainly for this "Dice Tonic" they created.  I thought it was too funny to pass up, and figured it would look awesome on my Game Room shelf.  While there I also picked a 2nd TIE Phantom, thinking that I didn't have one.  (Oh well). I then played a game of X-Wing with my daughter...

- Ive got some more foam in, so I may try my hand once more at some WWII ruins... worse case scenario. I just end up crafting more rocky hills.

Card/Board Games:
- Ran Sajan through the Blackfang keep, Attack on Sandpoint, and Local Heroes, in the Pathfinder ACG...

-  Picked up the Wizard Class deck for Parhfinder, mainly for Darago, the Necromancer character.  I plan to use him for my group games mostly...

- Played a round of the Pokemon CCG with my nephew visiting us from  Tennessee...

Video Games:
- Played a bit of War Thunder...

- I've been listening to a lot of the podacst called: "Guild Ball Tonight", if you are interested in GB, and have not already done so, give em a listen!  There is a lot of discussion on the game, which is impressive considering the game isn't even truly out just yet!


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