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Sunday, July 20, 2014

This Geek's Week...

This week felt like a bit of a "Pathfinder Week"...

- Finished up the last two light jacks from my Convergence Battle Box.  (which I posted earlier this week)  I've now moved on to working on my Corollary and Optifex Directive unit.

- Played a bit of the Pathfinder ACG this week,  starting off by running Lini through the "poison pill" scenario.  This time around, I managed to find and defeat the villain at each turn, and came away with a new pet snake and tiger for Lini!  I then ran her through "Black Fang's Dungeon", where she easily swatted aside the black dragon and his undead minions.  She then breezed through the attack on Sandpoint and Local Heroes, but struggled a little bit through the Trouble in Sandpoint scenario.

- I also played a game of Rampage and the L5R version of Love Letter with my 4 yr old daughter.

- Played a game of the Star Trek Deck Builder.  It was fun, but took waaaay too long imho.  The game took 3 hours to complete, and for most of it (2 hours worth) I couldn't do much of anything, fight any ships, or complete many missions as I couldn't upgrade my ship.  Really, the fun vs time ratio was off...

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