Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Completed Convergence Battle Box!

 Having only just recently decided to give Warmachine/Hordes another go, I settled on the Convergence of Cyriss as my new, main faction.  It has probably been a year or more since I actually painted anything for WM/H.  All in all, I'm pretty please with how they turned out.  More detailed pictures are below...

The Cipher Heavy Warjack was actually the first of the models completed, and served as the "test model" for the overall paintscheme.  I plan to have Ciphers being the main "heavy hitters" of my CoC armylists...

Next came my Warcaster, Syntherion, which will probably be my main caster, at least at the start.  He's not much to look at, a thin, semi-floating metal body, with an abundance of metal appendages...

Finally, the light Warjacks, the Galvanizer and Mitigator.  These little toadies were a bit of a pain to put together, as their arms were so thin and flimsy.  You can even tell that I didn't even bother to put the metal arms on one of them!  The lights in general are very asymmetrical, and very weird looking.  I don't intend to use them a lot in my regular lists outside of the free Galvanizer I could get for running a Tier 4 Syntherion force.

... and there you have it, my first WM/H Battle Box in years!  I've also picked up a Corollary and Optifex Directive unit,  which I'm working on now.  I've also got my initial 35 pt list planned out for the most part, which I will also be building towards in the near future.

Thanks for checking em out!

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