Monday, July 14, 2014

This Geek's Week...

Spiritseer WuhSawBe is happy cuz he just found the perfect necklace to go with his dress!

- Worked on painting up my convergence battle box.  So far, I have finished up the Cipher Warjack and Syntherion.

- Got the decals and weathering all finished on my FoW stuff. Now my army is 100% completed!

- Played a few rounds of WoT:Blitz on my phone.

- Worked a bit on my MYTH Stalkers.

- Picked up the Iyanden book for 40k.  After Warmachine, I think I'm gonna work on a 40k army next.

- Picked up a Corollary and Optifex Directive for my Convergence.

- Played a game of x-wing, using 2x Saber Squadron with push the limit, Turr, and Fel against several random named TIE pilots and a defender.  I lost, but managed to take down 2 pilots before I died.

- Played 4 games of the Star Wars LCG, winning one.

- I painted all the bases and stands for x-wing black, the idea being, not only would it look cool, but it would also help tell my ships apart from my opponent's.  I also marked the sides on all my tokens, so I can tell them apart as well...


  1. Sounds like a productive week! What's your FoW army?

    1. It is a German HG Panzerdivision, based on the allied invasion of Sicily and Italy. I mainly run it as a Late War army (Invasion of Italy), but it can easily double as a Mid War army (invasion of Sicily) as well... though it gets expensive point wise in MW as it's all Panzer IV's and I add in a Tiger 1.