Sunday, February 16, 2014

This Geek's Week...

- Finished up the last of my Stugs.  Moved on to painting the 8-Rads.

- Played 3 rounds of the LoTR LCG, of the "Journey along the Anduin" scenario, failing each time.  That Hill Troll is just too much of a pain to get around with my current decks.  The LoTR LCG is fun, but man, it is so hard!

- Played 2 games of X-Wing.  In one I used a Firespray, Lambda Shuttle, and TIE bomber, and even though I did not execute the plan I wanted I still managed a solid win.  2nd game I played using 2x Saber TIE Interceptors, Fel, and Phennir, and I got WRECKED!  Absolutely wrecked!  It started off good, did some janky moves with Fel and Phennir allowing me to draw first blood then roll out of the ooponent's firing arc, but after that one awesome move, the game completely fell apart!  In 12 defense rolls, I could not roll a single dodge!  Fel got instantly popped, followed by Phennir next.  My saber pilots stuck around for a few turns, but Ten Numb (the B-Wing pilot) + marksmen + Autoblaster = no point rolling defense, and the Saber Pilots went down as well.

- Played 2 games of Summoner Wars.  Game 1 I played the Benders vs Deep dwarves, and while it seemed I had the upper hand most of the game,  my opponent sneaked around and caught my summoner off guard for a close win.  Game 2 was the Shadow Elves vs the "Thunder-goats".  I could not kill much of anything, instead I relied on the event that removed 2 of my opponent's cheap guys, as well as the one that limits his movements.  He trashed my elves left and right, however at one point I had his summoner sandwiched between one of my champions along with my summoner, who point a few points on him, but it left my summoner in the back lines and surrounded by goats for the rest of the game.  Eventually I did manage to eek out of win by removing his summoner's cards with the event card I mentioned, and finishing him off using my summoner.  All in all, I really liked the Benders and Shadow Elves!

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