Sunday, February 2, 2014

This Geek's Week...

- Working on painting up my Stugs for my FoW army.  Thus far, 2 are finished.

- Played some War Thunder.  Had some decent games in my bf 109's, and some not so decent ones with my Americans.  I did manage some hilarious rocket-kills in my F6F Hellcat though...

- Played some Skyrim using my "Dragonknight" character.

- Played some of the Pathfinder ACG.  "the Fort in Peril" scenario was a pretty easy one for Sajan, and was completed from start to finish in 15 miniutes.  Since it was once again dealing with Ogres, I stacked the monster deck full of them.  I also did the "Here Comes the Flood" scenario, which was an odd one.  I had to read, read, and reread the description.  This time I stacked the monster deck with aquatic monsters.  I really didn't do a whole lot in that scenario, as the villain probably ate about 90% of the cards.  I also ran him through the "Battle at the Dam" scenario, and I finally struggled a bit on this one.  Some poor rolls saw the ogres smack me around a little, including causing the villain to escape once.  Eventually, with the help of a Longbow +1, I was able to bring the villain down, but not before the blessing deck had ticked down to just 3 final cards.  Finally, I finished deck #3 with the "Into the Mountain" scenario, once again breezing through it.  I left there mounted on a sabertooth tiger, wielding a fancy new wand to make future bosses even easier!

- Played some World of Tanks.

- Played my first solo game of Wings of Glory WWII.  I must say, it was close and a lot of fun!  It was looking dire for the allies at one point, as 3 more damage or another engine hit would have ended the game for them, but an error by the Falco II gave the P-40 a perfect shot which caused a ton of damage and knocked the Falco out of the sky!

And with that, the family and are headed off for vacation in Florida!  Perfect timing too, as they are predicting 6-8 inches of snow in my are this week.  So no gaming and no posts for a week or so...

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