Sunday, January 19, 2014

This Geek's Week...

This week was pretty much all about the Lord of the Rings LCG...

- Played several solo rounds of the Lord of the Rings lcg.  I'm still working on fully grasping the rules, but man, it is a hard one!  I've been playing the "passage through mirkwood" (difficulty 1), and I keep sputtering out.  My Rohan themed deck lacks the punch to deal with monsters, and eventually the heros just get too wounded.  I also made a few rules mistakes during my game with my Tactics/Lore deck, but it handled the monsters much better.  I think I just need some additional cards to further tailor my decks... as well as work towards locking down all the rules a bit better.

- My first platoon for my German FoW Tank Company is now finished and I am starting to build the second platoon.

- Played several more games of the LOTR lcg.  Thus far, my Tactics/Lore deck has gotten the closest to making it through the "Passage through Mirkwood" scenario.  I made it to the final stage, but through a bit of a misplay (I got too greedy with the end in sight) it all came crashing down.  I flipped the "Ungoliant's Spawn" spider, who proceeded to then devour my heros.  To add insult, I also flipped an orc chief the next round too.... and to think, everything was looking so good just 1 round earlier!  With my other deck, I swapped out one of the blue (spirit) Riders of Rohan in favor of Aragorn.  Not only will he add some needed punch, but after a few games I noticed I drastically needed more purple resources than blue since they are so cheap.  Hopefully that'll help sort things out...

- My Wings of Glory WWII stuff finally arrived.  I've been working on unboxing all the stuff, punching all the tokens, etc.  It looks really fun, and as an added bonus, it looks to be solo playable as well.  I also did a slight repaint/re-decal of the 
P-40 Warhawk. Hopefully I'll be able to get in a game soon.

- Played even MORE LOTR, and finally managed to win my first game, using my Spirit/Leadership deck.  I got pretty lucky with the encounter flips, but I really think a lot of it came down to me swapping one of the blue heros for Aragorn, as he really helped out and held his own against the monsters that spawned.

- Played a few rounds of War Thunder.  I also played a few of the single missions which mainly consisted of obstacle courses, stunt flying, and other challenges.  


  1. Wings of Glory is very soloable. I have done so many times with my WWI stuff

  2. Yep yep, I'm hoping I'll get to play it this week...