Sunday, January 12, 2014

This Geek's Week...

- Worked on my FoW German army.  Tank #3 from my first platoon is now finished, and I've started #4.  I'm planning to finish this platoon completely before moving onto the rest, in the hopes that I wont feel overwhelmed by having loads of tanks to paint on my deck.

- Played a bit of War Thunder.  I believe I completed all the challenges needed for the free plane.  Some of the challenges were fun, like getting to hop into my German biplanes, or getting to fly my old beloved Italian aircraft, and some were a bit of a challenge like trying to shoot down fighters with the G-2 Stuka (which I enjoyed), or having to target a specific nation's aircraft, which I did NOT enjoy simply because it was often hard to find planes from that nation in the air at times.

- Ran Sajan through the first of the Hook Mountain Massacre scenarios: "Them Ogres Aint Right".  i stacked the monster deck so that I face only ogres and ogrekin.  It was pretty easy, although Mammy, the Villain, was a bit annoying.  I failed to defeat her the first time around, her target number was 21, I rolled a 20.  Shuffled her back in, defeated her that time, although she ignores her first defeat.  Shuffled her back in, encountered her for the 3rd time, and whooped up on her.

- My copy of the LoTR LCG arrived this week, I read through the rules and slapped together a deck.  My first one will be Rohan themed...

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