Sunday, October 28, 2012

This Geek's Week...

Some just want to watch the world burn...


--  Played a handful of games of Mechwarrior Online.

-- I *think* I may have finally come up with a 2,000 pt Eldar list which I'll use as a base to build all my other Eldar lists from as it breaks down pretty easily into 1500 and 1750 pts.  It'll also serve as my "buy" list as well.  I'll admit it though, it's pretty much all theory as I've only had a single game of 6th ed. (i.e. it probably sucks!)


-- Finally beat "A Game of Thrones" on the PS3.  I've been sitting on the final fight for a long time, but just never gotten around to beating it.  I'm a major junkie for the Song of Ice & Fire series.  The gameplay was buggy, and could've been better, but I enjoyed the characters and the story none the less. 

-- Painting my Eldar.  Eldrad is close to being finished.


-- Finished Eldrad.

-- Played 2 games of Sentinels of the Multiverse.  1st game was Legacy, Mr. Fixer, and Fanatic (1st time playing her) vs Omnitron in the waste factory.  Everything seemed to be going fine, then we stalled out, and ended up losing.  It was really close, at one point he only had 11 life left, but ended up springing back to 28 hp, and we couldn't recover.  2nd game was Wraith, Expatriette, and Ra vs Ambuscade.  This guy was such a push over, and barely touched us!


-- Rebuilt my Crab berserker deck.  I don't really plan on playing or collecting Crab very much anymore, mainly because there's another player in my local L5R group interested in playing Crab more than I am.  Berserkers are also pretty straightforward, big guy, go smash, so I'll probably keep it built as an easy to play demo deck.  My focus will be on my original love, the Scorpion clan.  (Although I plan to tinker around with a Ronin deck at some point)

-- I'm toying around with a new Scorpion Ninja deck.  I'm hoping to build one that combines heavy in-province personality discard with  negative chi.  I lack a lot of the needed cards, but I'm gonna give it a shot as more of a "fun deck" and see if there isn't something there to develop.


-- Played a "refresher" game of L5R to re-teach a player how to play. He used my Berserkers, while I tested my new Scorpion Ninja deck.  I think my ninja multi-control idea may show some promise once I get the cards I need.

-- Played 3 games of Netrunner.  Once with my Runner deck and twice with my Weyland.  I played a timely account siphon, stripping the corp player of all his  money, an easily walked over his unrezzed ice to score an agenda.  Next turn I snagged one out of R&D, and after a few following turns I snagged the final one from a remote server.  My 1st Weyland game was against a Gabriel deck.  He got out a crash space and 2 copies of his resource that he can trash to prevent tags early on, so I knew my usual "tag & bag" strategy wasn't going to work, so I switched to the old fashion method of winning via scoring agendas.  For some reason, he didn't really make many runs and worried to much about setting up his side of the board.  By the time he felt ready to start making runs, it was already too late.  The 2nd game was my Weyland vs Noise.  1st turn he ran twice on R&D and scored 2 each agendas, the fact that I also had 2 in my hand meant a shuffle fail on my part.  Once again however, he spent too much time setting up his side of board and not enough time running for the last agendas he needed.  In the end, I flatlined him after a scored "posted bounty" and 2x Scorched Earth.

-- Played 2 quick, friendly games of Smash Up.  Once as Brownies/Mages and once as Robots/Zombies.  Lost both games pretty badly, but no biggie, such is life!

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