Sunday, October 14, 2012

This Geek's Week...

A look at the gaming and other geeky stuff I accomplished this week...


-- Tweaked my Runner Deck. Dismantled my Haas-Bioroid deck and built a Weyland deck.

-- Played 4 games of Netrunner. 3 as a Runner, once as a Corp.  I ended up winning my games as the Runner, but losing my game as the Corp.  I'm pretty pleased with where my Runner deck is at at the moment, it feel's like a "basic criminal deck", but it seemed to work pretty well that night.  I'll put up a decklist for it at some point.  Not sure about the Corp deck though, as 1 game isn't enough to tell one way or another what I need to do with it.

-- Played 2 games of "Smash Up".  1st one was just a 2 player game, everything went fine, was a close game at 15 to 14.  The 2nd game however was a 4 player game, and was anything but pleasant.  Myself and 1 other guy had played the game before, while 2 other had not, and one of the new guys got pretty upset and cranky at me during the game.  I honestly have no clue why, but he seemed rather butthurt over something for most of the game, he may just not be pleasant person to game with (it was my 1st game with him)  I don't know if he couldn't grasp the nature of the game, couldn't grasp my strategy of staying within 1-2 points of the lead for a final push to cap and that's what really frustrated him, or if he's just a sore loser.  Either way, getting upset, cranky, and being rude over a GAME, let emphasize that again, A GAME that is meant to be FUN, is a huge pet peeve of mine!  Needless to say, unless he apologizes, (doubtful, I know) or shows that his behavior during that game isn't the norm, (which sadly, I think it may be) I'm thinking I may have found a spot for him on my "never play games with again" list.


-- Finished another Arkham Horror book: Dance of The Damned , and it turned out pretty good!  I'll eventually put up a review for it.  Also, just started A Dance with Dragons, after waiting for so long for it to come out in paperback (march, 2013, boooo!) I finally broke down and bought a hardback copy from 1/2 price bookstore.  I'll be working on it for awhile...

-- Got that "40k itch" again all of sudden after watching a review of the chaos codex on  I'm tempted to start a Red Corsairs army after Christmas, as I've like how they were portrayed in a couple of old short stories and 3rd ed codex.  It's not the 1st time I've thought about starting a Corsairs army, I've just never gotten around to it.  In the meantime, I'll stick to trying to work on what handful of Elder models I have to see if that can "cure the 40k itch" so to speak.

-- Dismantled my Crab Berserker deck.  It worked just fine, but I wanted to give a Crab Honor deck a try for this Saturday's meet up.


-- Still working on that "40k Itch".  I threw Space Marine into the PS3 messed around with the customization to make an Astral Claws/Red Corsair character and played a couple rounds of "extermination" solo.  Also worked on painting my Elder Pathfinders as well.


-- Played 2 games of L5R with my Crab Kaiu Honor deck vs a Phoenix Mil/Honor switch deck, and won both games via honor.  His deck focused on honor and attacking, while mine focused on gaining honor while raising my provence strength to obscene levels. (At one point, I had provence strength 19)  As an added perk, several of the cards that raise my provence strength also add to my honor as well.  Not too sure on how I like the gold scheme in it though...

-- Played 4 games of Netrunner, 3x with my Weyland deck, 1x with my Gabriel deck, winning all 4.  The 1st game I used Gabriel as my Runner vs Haas-Bioroid.  I scored a quick agenda that he tried to bluff all by his lonesome.  From there, I hit R&D and scored an agenda iirc, and the last came from running the corp's hand.  The next two games I played Weyland vs Noise.  I scored a quick 1 point agenda for 7 credits, followed by more and more credit gaining cards like "hedge fund" and "beanstalk royalties", while the runner really seemed to be struggling for money.  In the end, I had a "posted bounty" just waiting to be scored, with a "scorched earth" in hand,  my mandatory draw was an "archived memories".  So, I scored the "posted bounty" giving the runner a tag, played "scorched earth" for 4 damage, "archived memories" to put it back into my hand, and "scorched earth" a second to kill the runner.  Second game went much the same way, waited to get 2x "scorched earth" in my hand, scored the waiting "posted bounty" then double "scorched earth" for the kill.  The final game was Weyland vs Gabriel, it was crazy!  I got hit with 3x "Account Siphon" early on, so I was pretty broke all game while the runner was sitting wealthy!  This one I actually had to win by scoring agendas, despite having 2x "scorched earth" in my hand, I never could get the runner tagged.  All in all, I think I'm pretty pleased with my Weyland deck.

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