Sunday, October 21, 2012

This Geek's Week...


-- Finished painting the remnants of my leftover Eldar Pathfinders.

-- Worked on painting Eldrad, worked on putting together my Wraithguard, and D-Cannon.


-- Started priming my Wraithguard till I ran out of primer.  

-- Finished putting together the D-Cannon.

-- Played a game of X-Wing.  I LOVE the game, but the dice gods hate me in that one for sure!

-- Played my 1st game of "Dominant Species".  It wasn't too bad, but man the game took FOREVER!  It took a couple of turns for me to get a handle on figuring up the count for who controlled a space, but it wasn't too bad.  Jury's still out on it though.  It comes down time vs fun.  Is it fun enough to warrant the several hours it takes to play through a game?  I could get in several games in the time it took for just 1 of Dominant Species.


-- Worked on painting my Eldar a bit more.  Eldrad is only a few steps away from being finished.


--  Working on an Eldar list, so I know what to buy next.

-- Finally updated and patched Mechwarrior Online.  I'm hoping to step back in the ol' mech-cockpit tomorrow or the next day.

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