Friday, December 16, 2016

Tabletop Minions

Hola, fellow Nerds & Ninjas!  Since things have been quiet (i.e. DEAD) on the hobby front lately, I figured I would take the time to share something hobby related that I recently discovered.  This guy, "Atom Smasher" just showed up in my Youtube recommended videos section one day, and Ive been hooked ever since!  His channel is called: "Tabletop Minions", and while I've primarily been watching his Youtube Channel, he does also have pages on facebook and twitter as well.  (I'll post links again below)

Anyway, so what is this?  Well, it's pretty simple:  this guy (Atom) just sits in front of the camera, and discusses a specific miniatures topic for a few minutes.  Pretty simple.  And there is a wide range of topics.  Honestly, what I like the most about it is that he seems to share a similar opinion/outlook as myself.  Not, to say, my CURRENT mood/outlook, more so my general outlook on the hobby as a whole.  The production quality is great, and he's very witty and entertaining, and most of all he says what HE thinks, even if it doesn't jive with the current internet trends.

Again, here are his links:






Give him a look, some of his videos are just a few minutes long, easily watchable over any breaktime!

If you yourself have a podcast/youtube/twitch channel that you run, or one that you enjoy and think I should check out, just let me know!

Until next time...

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