Monday, July 4, 2016

This Geek's (almost 2) weeks...

- Still no real miniatures to work on.  I raided my bits box, and hobbled together 3 scouts that I'm gonna do up in a preheresy World Eaters scheme...

Card/Board games:
- With my daughter, We played a few modified games of Halo: Bang!  We also played a round of the Pokemon TCG, and a round of Hey, that's my fish!  We also played a round of the AVP boardgame too, and discovered I've been messing up how activation works the whole the time. (I did 1 side activates all do theirs, then the other side. Instead of alternating single models)

- Played some games of ASHES, and got WRECKED!  I suck so hard at that game...

Video Games:
I had a good night... all my games ended like this!
- On the Xbox, I've been playing a bunch of Halo 5.  I've really been enjoying the latest game mode, Warzone Firefight.  I've gotten a ton of gold req packs out of it, and am loving the grunt goblin mech and piloting the wasp!  Played a bit of Alien: Isolation too.  I also downloaded The Crew, which is a fun little racing game.

- On my phone, I've been playing a bit of Hearthstone, but it has slowed down considerably.

- On the DS, I've done bit of Wonder Trading in Pokemon ORAS.  I got some pretty nice Pokemon out of it...

- I ordered the Halo Lootcrate, and I'm pretty stoked... Even though it won't ship until August/September.
Until Next time,

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