Monday, May 9, 2016

This Geek's Week...

The Alien Stalkers are DONE!
- Worked more on painting my AVP stuff.  It was a bit of struggle, but eventually I figured out a scheme for painting the bases that I was happy with.  So far, I've managed to get the alien stalkers done.  I've now started working on the Marines next...

Card/Board Games:
- Got to play 2 games of Weiss Schwarz vs a friend on Tabletop Day!  My first actual games!  I've also decided to start up a Facebook group to try and find local players...

- Tinkered around with my SAO Weiss Schwarz deck a bit.  I also went and picked up an SAO II trial deck, and a couple of booster packs.  I also picked up another Persona TD, and built a new deck around a few of the cards.

- Played some solo, test games of Weiss Schwarz of SAO vs SAO II

Video games:
- Played some more of The Division on Xbox, and I've gotten the Tenebrae DMR.

- Played some Pokemon Omega Ruby on the DS.

- Played some Pokemon Shuffle on my phone.

- I'm still having a hard time getting into the 30k novel: "Betrayer".  It is entertaining, but for some odd reason, it's a book I can easily put down.  I think maybe I've just not been in a Sci-fi mood lately.  I was debating on reading a Tom Clancy novel, but instead picked up "The Templar Conspiracy" by Paul Christopher on a bit of a whim...
Until Next Time,


  1. SAO2 - more GGO or that crappy fairie setting? GGO was so good, wish the whole 2nd season had been set and remained in that game setting.

    AVP aliens look great! The colour differences between body and head are perfect and the bases very complimentary.

    1. Thanks for the compliments! I'm pretty please with how they turned out as well...

      As far as SAO2 goes, I haven't been able to watch the anime much lately, but yeah the GGO side is pretty cool. Luckily for the WS card game, it's pretty much all GGO related...

    2. O really???? Hrm... then colour me interested. Ebay has that Trial deck for only $20 and I've a mate here at work who's also interested in perhaps seeing what this games like.

    3. Full disclosure, they did throw in an Asuna and Lisbeth, but I think there are only 2 or 3 of each, and they are your cheap, basic, level 0 starting cards that wont see much play after the first few turns. Everything else is mostly GGO based Kirito, Sinon, and Death Gun. (I really like Death Gun's mechanics in the game)

      It is definitely an interesting, and fun game! I was going to do a bit of a write up/review of it, but I just haven't gotten around to it. Rules wise, it can be a daunting at first, but once you start playing it all starts to make sense. Just keep in mind, that the trial decks are essentially starters... and its after deckbuilding (if you dive that deep into it) that the games really shine and different deck strategies start to open up.

      I highly suggest wathcing this "how to play" video: as I found it to be super helpful.

      ... see, I can easily rant about this game! =P

    4. Well good - as i was hoping you would. :)
      We'll see, other things to purchase first and as you know, disposable funds are limited. Always.

      Thanks mate and I look forward to reading whatever else you might have to offer on this game.