Sunday, February 14, 2016

This Geek's Week...

** This may be my last post for awhile.  Ive got no hobby projects coming up, and have been doing next to no tabletop, cards, or board gaming to speak.  I doubt many people want to keep reading:  "I played some xbox" each and every week, so I think I'll postpone my regular posts until something cool and/or exciting happens that is worthy of posting...

- Finished up my two alt starting KDM characters, meaning I now once again have no hobby projects on my painting desk and nothing on my "to do" list...

Video Games:
- Preordered The Division.  I also watched the agent origins short film.  I'm excited!

- Played some more Star Wars Battlefront.

- Played some more Halo 5.

- Played some Horus Heresy: Drop Assault and Pokemon shuffle on my phone. 

- Played some Disney Infinity with my daughter...
Until next time,


  1. The world is at an end.... Cataclysms will abound. Babes will be born with cloven feet. Plagues of frogs will fall from the sky!

    Xbox... O well. Enjoy sir. :)

    1. For some reason, I just cannot find games, and I don't feel like just hanging out at the shop with my fingers crossed! I'd love to get in some games, which will inspire to buy more models... But I'm more of a gamer than a hobbyist, so if I'm not playing, then in prolly not buying!

      Only thing Xbox has killed is my lonely-bastard solo gaming in my basement. It's much easier to hit the "on" switch play for 30 mins then shut it off, than set up for 10 mins just to play a solo game. So, I guess Xbox did kill that...