Sunday, October 6, 2013

This Geek's Week...

what could be cooler than Ezren fighting a giant shark!?!?

I keep getting a lot of groans at LGS in regards to my NBN deck, people hate facing it, but I contend it's totally beatable.  In regards to my lack of server defense I used the following line to describe it: "Dude, an old grandma with an AOL account could easily hack into my servers!", and I think it pretty aptly describes the deck! =P

- Decided to give Ezren a try, solo, in the Pathfinder Adventure Card game.  I started with the "brigandoom!" scenario.  Everything was going along fine,  I found the Villain hiding in the woods, 1 spell later, BOOM!  He bolted.  I exited the woods and came upon a farm house.  After some exploring, I encountered the Villain again, and just as before, BOOM!  He runs for the waterfront.  At this point, I was thinking, "Oh this will be easy.  Ezren isn't so hard to play solo!"  At the waterfront, I beat down some bandits, closed the location, and exposed the Villain for the 3rd time.  This time though, he was not going to go down without a fight!  I botched my first roll, (literally rolled a 5 on 1d12 + 3d4) which cost me my hand, then after drawing back up to 6, realized that one more point of damage would end the game for me!  Luckily, I still had a few attack spells, and my following turn I managed to roll high enough to finish him.  (though just barely!)

- Played 3 games of Netrunner.  2 using my Criminal deck, and once using my NBN, vs Weyland and Noise.  I ended up winning all 3 by a pretty big margin despite having noob moments in every game.  Afterwards, I sat down with the guy and helped him out a bit with his Weyland deck.  I really do not like my Criminal deck, it still seems to work almost every time, and my NBN deck, while "off the wall" as far as strategy goes, has likewise not lost a single game yet.  I haven't bought any new cards since future proof.  I think I'm getting pretty bored with Netrunner in general, if I had to choose, I'd much rather be playing Star Wars!

- Ran Ezren through the "Pill Bug" scenario in Pathfinder.  Overall, it was extremely easy, with no real risk.  I managed to dismantle the first the trap at the Town square with a check of 5 on a d6, by rolling a perfect 6.  The next trap I found was at the Village House, which was easily taken care of with my Thieves' Tools. Finally, I found the pillbug himself at the City Gates (he must have been attempting to flee), and was easily dispatched through a spell + sage's journal for a roll of d12+3d4+2.  I did manage to leave that scenario with  several nice allies!

- Finished painting up my Dreadball Corp team.  Started working on the Orc team.

- Downloaded the Battlefield 4 demo on the PC.  Hoping to try it in the next day or so...

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