Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pathfinder ACG Scenario: "The Sandpoint Goblin Wars"

I'm not sure what it is about them, but there is just something I really like about the Goblins in Pathfinder.  Maybe it's their character design/art, or their funny little quirks, either way, they are one of my favorite aspects of the Pathfinder universe!  I've yet to find an RPG group wanting to play the PnP RPG, but I've been having a bunch of fun playing the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game solo.  Having run through all the base scenarios, and the 1st adventure pack, I decided to try crafting my own little scenario using the cards from the base set, adventure pack 1, and the character add-on.

Think your characters are up for the challenge?  Will your characters rally to the aid of a besieged sandpoint, only to heed to call of vengeance and bring to fight right back to the Goblin horde?  If so, I give you "The Sandpoint Goblin Wars"...

The basic idea is to play a three part scenario, the "Attack on Sandpoint", "Local heroes", and then the "Approach to Thistletop, but with Henchmen, Monster, and Barrier decks modified to fit an all-goblin theme.  The scenario would probably work best with 3-4 players, otherwise there are not enough Goblin monsters in just the base set, and adventure pack 1.  Let's start with the scenarios themselves...

The Attack on Sandpoint, modified as follows:
- Villain: Ripnugget & Stickfoot
- Henchmen: Koruvus, Goblin Raiders
- Everything else is the same...

Local Heroes:
- Everything the same...

Approach to Thistletop, modified as follows:
- Villain: Gogmurt
- Henchmen: Tangletooth (Gogmurt's pet),
                        Goblin Raiders
- Add the "Goblin" trait to Tangletooth
- Everything else is the same...

The "Attack on Sandpoint" obviously represents the actual raid on the town of Sandpoint.  This time around, there is not traitor in the midst who lets them in, the Goblins arrive in droves, crash through the gates, and begin to wreak havoc!  In "Local Heroes", the character's work to clean up the remnants of the raid, but find many of the prominent townsfolk  have been killed, including the Governor's wife and daughter, who were in the town marketplace shopping when the raid began.  Grateful but reeling from the attack, the town turns their eyes towards revenge.  The heroes clear out the remaining Goblins, muster any brave allies they can find amongst the townsfolk, and make their way towards the Goblin encampment.  The "Approach to Thistletop" represents the conclusion of the "Sandpoint Goblin wars".  The heroes, and their allies, have brought the fight to the Goblins.  Do they have the strength to make sure the Goblins will no longer be a threat to the town of Sandpoint, or will they falter at this final hour?  

To further add to the theme, we'll be modifying the Monster and Barrier decks.  Once the decks have been modified, we'll still divide out the monsters and barriers at random so no one will know what is placed where, as per the normal rules. 

Modify the Monster deck as follows:
- Start with all Monsters with the Goblin trait. (17 total)
- If that's not enough monsters, add Goblin Dogs (2)
- If the above is not enough, add Goblin Snake (2)
- More may need to be added if playing with 5+ players for the final scenario.  I'd suggest adding Giant Geckos, Ogres, and Rat Swarms until you have enough monsters for the deck.

Modify the Barrier deck as follows:
- Goblin Raid
- Monster in the Closet
- Ambush
- Battered Chest
- Large Chest
- Secret Stash

As I said, everything else remains the same.  You'll divide out the monsters and barriers from the above modified decks just as would in any other game.  Your heroes with be facing nothing but Goblins in this one, and their actions will decide whether or not Sandpoint will ever have to endure another Goblin Raid!

 So, there you have it!  I'm planning on running through a few solo games using this scenario.  If you do manage to run some of your own characters through the "Sandpoint Goblin Wars", I'd love to hear how it went!

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