Thursday, January 19, 2017

1st painted minis of 2017, TANKS/FoW!

I recently picked up the TANKS Sherman vs Panther starter kit, and while my daughter claimed the Panther, she graciously let me have the 2 Shermans for myself to paint!  I'm labeling this as both TANKS and Flames of war, as the nice thing about the game produced by GaleForce 9 and Battlefront, is that the tanks can feasibly be used in either system.  (which is good, because I have a TON of Panzer IV's painted for FoW that I have yet to use!)  Anyways, here's how they turned out:

I decided that since I already had painted up some regular Shermans with 75mm guns for FoW I would do this two up as 76's.  It had been so long since I originally painted my US stuff for FoW that I had to go back and find my method I used last time!  Just as with my other shermans, I painted a yellow ring around the star to signify that they were a part of the allied invasion of Sicily/Italy.  (marking idea from an online source)  Overall, I'm pretty pleased with them!

Next, as a bit of a bonus, I decided to make a wrecked Jagpanther using some spare parts that were left on the sprue.  Now, I realize since this is a kitbacsh of spare parts, that it is not 100% historically accurate, but I still thought it would make a cool bit of terrain, or perhaps an objective marker of some kind.

So, there you have it!  I must say, it felt nice to have something to build and paint for a change after a bit of a hiatus for several months!  Since then, I've picked up a Tiger for my daughter (I have one for myself already painted) and an M10 as well, which is probably my favorite US AFV of WWII!  I also picked up Imperial Assault for my daughter and I to play, and I'm really enjoying painting up some Star Wars stuff!  Hopefully, I eventually weasel my way into a historical gaming group at my LGS, which should really help motivate me to buy and paint even more!

Until Next Time,


  1. Holy crap mate - you paint WW2 impressively!

    Going to try out different factions as well? (Brits, Soviets, etc?)

    1. Thanks for the compliment! (I'm blushing on the other end of the screen)

      As far as trying out the other nations, I may do so at some point. I'm really into the allied invasion of Sicily/Italy, so that really drives my collection in a specific direction. I do already have a TON of German stuff painted as well, which is why my daughter has been getting the Panther/Tigers for herself to paint. (I mostly wanted the cards) That said, I wouldn't rule out doing some Brits, and if they ever came out with Italians, I would be all over them in a heartbeat!