Tuesday, April 19, 2016

This Geek's (4) Week(s)...

"Alien Day" is coming up on 4-26-16... mark your calendars!  Movie Marathon!
- I ordered today (4-19-16) the AVP boardgame and some sheets of Plastcraft Sci-fi flooring to make some scenic, ship bases.  Hopefully they'll arrive soon, and get me out of this major "gamer funk" I've been in for the last few months...

Tabletop Games:
- Played a few proxy games of GF9's TANKS with my daughter, just to try it out.  While super simple, it was still pretty fun, and would be a great way to use all those 15mm tanks I've painted up, but never actually used...

- Played several games of the Pokemon TCG with my daughter.  She finally decided to accept my help with deck building, so I dismantled ALL of my decks to help her rebuild hers...

- Played a game of Rampage with my daughter.

Video Games:
My new, more patriotic Halo5 look...  I still suck @Halo.
- On Xbox, I've played a TON of The Division, hitting lvl 30 a few weeks ago. Though, I'm already getting bored of the end game, and the Dark Zone just frustrates the hell out of me!  I've also played a bit of MTG: Duels, and I picked up Alien: Isolation too, which is slow paced, but intense!  I've also gone back and played a few rounds of Halo free-for-all.  I also played in the Battleborn open beta.  It was fun, and really enjoyed the humor, but I think if I'm going play an FPS, then I'll probably just stick to Halo to be honest...

- I've also been playing a bunch of Disney Infinity with my daughter...

- On my phone, I've been playing a bunch of Hearthstone and a little Drop Assault and Pokemon Shuffle.  I've also downloaded MTG Duels on my phone too.

- On the DS, I've been playing a bit of Pokemon ORAS.

- Finished reading Halo: Last Light, and it was really good!  A nice little murder mystery, wrapped in some espionage, with some Spartans and Aliens thrown into the mix for good measure.  I've been in a bit of a Warhammer mood, so I started the 30k novel: Betrayer, though I put it aside after about 100 pages in favor of a theological book.  (Spiritual growth FTW!)

- I'm now all caught up on Naruto!  I've started watching Sword Art Online II. 

Until Next time,

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  1. SOA2 was SO GOOD in the beginning. Then it went to pants. -__-

    Those Aliens figs look amazing. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.