Monday, August 10, 2015

This Geek's Week...

This is going on the wall of the Nerd Lair...

- Worked on my last saga bits.

- Worked on my Battletech stuff.

Tabletop Miniatures:
- Played a couple games of Battletech: Alpha Strike with my daughter.

- Played another game of Saga vs Vikings.  Managed my 2nd win, despite a major blunder vs a unit of berserkers...

Card/Board Games:
- Played 6 home games of Pokemon TCG.  Played 7 games at the Pokemon league as well.

- Several people at the LGS got their hands on copies of the Game of Thrones LCG several months early, thanks to Gen Con.  I was intrigued, seeing as I played the original, pre-LCG version, AND 1st ed LCG version.  If play continues, then I may seriously jump on board!  I love AGoT!

- Picked up a couple of Weiss Schwarz decks.  (Attack on Titan and Kancolle). I'd really like to play, but linking up is a bit of an issue due to scheduling.

Video games:
- Played a bit of  PTCGO.

- Played a ton of GW2 PVP on my engineer.  I've had some good games, and most of the time I do pretty well in the score department, BUT sometimes I run into a player/class that absolutely WRECKS me in 2 seconds flat.  It's times like that, that I really dislike the "twitchy" factor of PvP...

- Played some Pokemon ORAS.

- Played a bit of War Thunder.

Books & Comics:
- Half Price Books had a HUGE three day sale at the local convention center, and I scored 11 old Battletech novels for $5.50!

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